January 21, 2012 by Barbara With

Madeline Island

Madeline Island

State of Wisconsin
Ashland County

Whereas the Town Board of La Pointe, Wisconsin, in its rights of sovereign governance resolve to make and enforce a set of laws that protect the common interest of its residents and their future livelihood an;

Whereas the Town Board of La Pointe, in its ability to recognize infringement on the future livelihood of the Madeline Island community and its long -standing freshwater heritage, that includes clean air, clean beaches, healthy forests that support healthy game as well as clean fresh waters that support historically vibrant commercial and sport fishing heritage; and

Whereas clean fresh waters of Madeline Island, in their pristine nature hold and abundance of recreation and tranquility, vital to the present and future tourism industry and future health and well being of its families, who depend on this clean healthy freshwater heritage to provide food and recreation for the citizens of La Pointe and their neighbors, as well as countless others who visit Madeline Island and the Apostle Island National lake shore region for the purpose of these pristine environmental attributes; and

Recognizing that the metallic mining industry, in its effort to maximize profits while minimizing overhead cost; threaten this tranquility and thereby upset the balance of this freshwater heritage; and

Recognizing that given the historical environmental safety record of metallic mining companies and the negative impact on land and water.

Therefore be in resolved that the Town Board of La Pointe, Wisconsin, in its capacity to stand independent of other county and regional entities, hereby opposes any mining operation that could cause irreparable and long-term damage to the future security of the Chequamegon Bay area and its freshwater heritage; and through this opposition, supports the preservation of a clean and healthy Lake Superior and its tributaries that will continue to sustain future generations of La Pointe residents and their neighbors and their families.

Date passed, January 10, 2012

Patty Hobin, clerk

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