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Citations Issued for Spontaneous Event at Wisconsin Capitol

By Leslie Amsterdam and Nicole Schulte The recent Wisconsin Capitol crackdown under the leadership of Chief David Erwin has resulted in another round of citations making their way to citizens’ homes via Certified mail. On Friday and Saturday, four more individuals received two citations each for 2.14(2)(k) and (v) bringing the total for September to 20 people […]

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September 28, 2012

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Targeted Members of the Press Denied Access to Walker Press Conference

By Nicole Schulte and Rebecca Kemble Governor Scott Walker and his staff are taking extraordinary steps to control his public image and protect him from the public outrage his policies have engendered. Yesterday, these measures included kicking out independent journalists from a press conference. On Wednesday, Governor Scott Walker held a press briefing at the […]

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September 27, 2012

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“Survey Reveals That Many States Choose Slavery” – Wisconsin Territorial Journal

By Jim Murray Many Wisconsinites were both surprised and troubled by the Sunday Wisconsin State Journal’s front-page article “Tighter rules for Capitol protests not unlike many other states’.” This Sunday’s article described the very limited Free Speech that is tolerated in other states’ Capitols and concludes that the current crackdown on freedom of expression in our Capitol […]

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WCMC on the Air at 89.9 WORT FM

[Next week the Wisconsin Citizens Media Cooperative begins collaborating with WORT FM 89.9 by airing a weekly two-minute commentary for the Insurgent Radio Kiosk, which airs four times throughout the day. Here is the text of our first commentary. – Editors] Over the past year and a half people opposed to Scott Walker’s agenda for […]

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DoA Secretary Mike Huebsch Press Release (what he was really thinking)

[This is an anonymous open source correction of a press release issued on Friday September 21, 2012, from DoA Secretary Mike Huebsch to Representative Chris Taylor. Since Mike didn’t get her letter, and it was so hard for him to find it, the author of this correction decided to enter a transcendental state to channel what Mike […]

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UPDATED:Police Unions’ Statement Regarding Recent Enforcement Action During Crackdown on Free Speech at the Wisconsin Capitol

In recent weeks law enforcement efforts in the Wisconsin Capitol have resulted in numerous arrests and citations, as newly appointed Police Chief David Erwin brings a different approach to enforcing possible violations of statutes and administrative code violations. Last Friday, a disabled veteran’s medical crisis during an attempted arrest for a brief spontaneous speech brought […]

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Capitol Police: To Protect and Serve or Intimidate and Harass?

By Jason Huberty, Arthur Kohl-Riggs, Nicole Schulte, and Craig Spaulding The mission statement of the Wisconsin State Capitol Police could not be more clear. The Wisconsin Capitol Police Department is committed to providing the highest quality of personalized services to all who live, work, visit, and learn in our State. We believe in the dignity of […]

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Capitol Police Have No Answers for Concerned Citizens

By Rebecca Kemble, Nicole Schulte and Whitney Steffen On Wednesday, September 12, 2012 Whitney Steffen was given a warning that she was engaging in prohibited behavior in the Wisconsin State Capitol. When she inquired as to the nature of that behavior, the officer giving her the warning could not explain it to her: Last week, […]

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