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Activist cited at work by Capitol Police

By Leslie Amsterdam, Rebecca Kemble, Arthur Kohl-Riggs and Nicole Schulte Bart Munger showed up to his job at the UW Physical Plant this morning to find a Capitol police officer and a UW police officer waiting for him. They were there to deliver two citations for holding a banner at the Solidarity Sing Along the […]

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New Capitol Police Tactic: Home Delivery of Citations

By Rebecca Kemble, Edward Kuharski, Arthur Kohl-Riggs and Nicole Schulte At 4:20pm this afternoon, Jason Huberty answered a knock on his door.  It was two Capitol Police officers calling to deliver citations to him and his partner, Lisa Wells. They were each cited for two violations of Wisconsin Administrative Code: 2.14(2)(v) “obstruct access, passage, etc. […]

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New arrests no laughing matter at Wisconsin Capitol

“There’s a fundamental misunderstanding of this policy if there was a belief arrests were going to stem from this policy,” Jocelyn Webster, DOA Spokesperson, December 2011. September 9, 2012 by Leslie Amsterdam Those words from December 2011 have resurfaced recently in light of a busy week of arrests, protests and singing at the Wisconsin State […]

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Court Decision Undermines Chief Erwin’s Capitol Crackdown

By Hematite Sometimes good news comes wrapped in bad packages. News that a lawsuit against the DoA and Capitol Police for arrests made in March, 2011 for holding signs on the first floor of the Capitol had been dismissed felt like a hard blow to first amendment activists when it first broke on Thursday morning. […]

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Eight Arrested at Capitol for Unlawful Display of Signs

[EDITOR’S NOTE:  This is another open-source correction/continuation of one of Clay Barbour’s articles.  We hope he appreciates our help and are very happy that he correctly stated the number of arrests, even if he didn’t know why they were arrested.] Eight arrested at Capitol for protest without permit  unlawful display of signs Capitol police arrested […]

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Madison Police Report Slams Brett Hulsey

By Joe Vittie A recently released Madison Police Department report provides previously unknown details about the actions of Wisconsin state Representative Brett Hulsey (D – Madison) in his encounter with a nine-year old boy at Spring Harbor Beach on the evening of July 4.  Hulsey pled no contest to disorderly conduct for the incident on […]

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Protest Singers’ Noses Swell in Wake of Capitol Chief’s Comments

[EDITOR’S NOTE:  Thisis an open-source correction/continuation of Clay Barbour’s article published by WCMC since the WSJ couldn’t be bothered to fact check for him.  Think of  it as a little bit country,  a little bit rock-n-roll.] Protest singers’ numbers grow noses swell in wake of Capitol chief’s comments The ranks noses of participants of the […]

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