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Scientist Suggests Using Metric to Evaluate Impact of UW Budget Cuts

  March 5, 2015 Dear Representatives, Senators, and Citizens of Wisconsin: I’ve been a publishing research physicist for twenty years, and there is an aspect of science that I am very proud of that I would like to share with you now. For over a century, science has realized that each of us has an […]

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Kleefisch on the “Women Who Are Aborted”

Madison —  Whatever one’s views are on abortion, most people would agree that, logically speaking, the best way to reduce the abortion rate (and teen pregnancy rate) in the state of Wisconsin would be to provide comprehensive education on how to prevent unintended pregnancies as well as to make contraceptives affordable and widely available. But […]

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ACTION ALERT: Friday, March 16: Watch the Hostile Takeover of Wisconsin Live on Wiseye.com

In a historic session that began yesterday and has gone on throughout the night and into the morning, the Assembly Republicans appear intent on pushing through as many of their bills as possible before the session ends. Pundits speculate this blatant and overwhelming power grab playing out on the last day of session is instigated […]

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