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Friends of Paulie Heenan Postpone Grief in Search for Justice

[This letter was written by Amelia and Nate Royko Maurer, who were close friends with Paulie Heenan. Paulie had recently moved in with them and was on his way to their home when he was fatally shot by Madison Police Officer Stephen Heimsness. – Editors] Dear Mayor Soglin and City Attorney Michael May, We write […]

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We are Responsible for this Human Rights Crisis

November 10, 2012 By Heidi Wegleitner This weekend un-housed people living in tents in my district are being evicted from the former Don Miller site, where for a couple of weeks they have been able to live in a community-like setting and have some self-determination in meeting their basic needs. Should the Occupy site be […]

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The Unwelcome Wagon: A Prelude to “Greyhound Therapy”?

By Edward Kuharski [ Note about the title:  Mayor Soglin has been reported to have used the phrase “Greyhound therapy,” an unsubtle euphemism for putting unwanted people on a bus to another city, in a meeting in the County Executive’s office.  It is a distasteful phrase but is consistent with other statements the Mayor has […]

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