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A Genuine Candidate for the May 8 GOP Primary!

There is no such thing as “normal” in politics. What is “normal,” anyway, and who defines it? Whatever “normal” is, it has hit a new low under the Walker regime. Honesty in elections has completely gone out the window. Just check out the Republican strategy for attempting to nab the election in the governor’s race. […]

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More Evidence of Walker-Fraud: Mortgage Money Needed to Balance the Budget That He Claims Is Already Balanced

One year ago today, Gov. Scott Walker and his cronies “dropped the bomb” and announced they would strip the rights away from over 175,000 working Wisconsinites. Since that historic day we have learned much more about the criminals that are currently engaged in the hostile takeover of the government of Wisconsin. Throughout the year, Walker […]

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Yesterday as nearly 2,000,000 signatures were delivered to the Government Accountability Board for the recall of Wisconsin Republicans Scott Walker, Rebecca Kleefisch, Scott Fitzgerald, Pam Galloway, Terry Moulton and Van Wanggaard, Dee Ives wept right along side us union thugs, dirty hippies and environmental extremists. Over 30,000 people spent the past two months in the […]

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