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STEAL THIS BOOK, NOT MY VOTE Installment #2: How We Got Here

This is the second installment of a series of excerpts from my new book, STEAL THIS BOOK, NOT MY VOTE. Due out April 7, 2012, the one-year anniversary of Kathy Nickolaus finding 14,000 votes two days after Joanne Kloppenburg was declared the winner of the 2011 Wisconsin Supreme Court election. Without those votes, there never would have […]

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STEAL THIS BOOK, NOT MY VOTE Installment #1 Introduction to the Takeover

In May 2011, I volunteered to be an observer in the recount of the Joanne Kloppenburg/David Prosser Wisconsin Supreme Court election triggered when Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus “found” 14,000 votes two days after Kloppenburg won. Months before, Scott Walker “dropped the bomb” with his now-famous budget repair bill and sent the state into a […]

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