Kedzie doth protest too much, methinks

January 22, 2012 by Lady Forward

The Senate Committee on Natural Resources held an Executive Session on the Wetlands Bill on January 19, 2012. During the session, Sen. Kedzie asked: “Is this a perfect bill? There isn’t such a thing as a perfect bill … but I think this is a very, very, very good bill”

Kedzie later stated, “I have people making accusations that this was a piece of legislation written by the Builders Association. What an insult. I don’t see that person in the room today, but they know who they are. That to me is a slap in the face, because I’ve never legislated like that, nor would any of my colleagues that served and worked on this thing together with me … would ever do that.

So, this doesn’t favor one side or the other; this is about wetlands; this is about improving the process; this is about creating some more opportunities; this is about something … I am extremely near and dear to the outdoors; wetlands are extremely important to me. I built a reputation on this. My reputation’s at stake with this bill. I would do nothing to tarnish my reputation, nor anyone else that votes for this bill.

I mean, I’m sorry that you may not possibly be able to vote for it in its final form, but I would encourage you to, and to realize that the intent is good, the intent is to help save, create, enhance, more and better … Again, perfection is something I don’t think we ever see in any legislation, but this is our best effort, and now the time has come that we, you know, we have to move ahead and then we’ll let the bill play its way through, and let the chips fall where they may.”


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