Wisconsin Fascist Republicans actually seig heil to Fascist Overlord Jeff Fitzgerald

January 30, 2012 by Barbara With

In a stunning display of Nazi-inspired fervor, on January 26 Wisconsin Assembly Republicans openly show their loyalty to their leader Jeff Fitzgerald (R-ALEC) by giving the familiar Sieg Heil salute on the floor as they all claim to have authored illegal mining bill AB426. Using their majority to pass a bill that blatantly violates International Treaty Law and the democratic process, they attempt to extort the state’s resources into the hands of Chris Cline of Cline Mines, closely associated with the Carlyle Group and the industrial war complex.

People of Eger, in the Sudetenland (now Cheb, Czech Republic), greet German soldiers with the Hitler salute in October 1938

People of Eger, in the Sudetenland (now Cheb, Czech Republic), greet German soldiers with the Hitler salute in October 1938

In the link below, watch as Fitzgerald first delivers the long-anticipated “shame” speech: Even though the Fascists have killed every piece of true economic development legislation the Democrats brought to the table all year, predictably, now Fitzgerald shames them for not voting for the ALEC-inspired mining bill that strips all protections from Wisconsin citizens and resources, and violates Federal Law.  Citizens have been expecting this speech, and true to form, Fitz delivers it with a hate-filled fervor only rivaled by the best orators of Hitler’s regime.

As a way to signal to his sponsors that he has complete control over the Assembly via lock-step extortion voting, he calls for all of the Fascist Republicans to sign on as authors of the bill. However, to understand the true nature of the evil being perpetrated here you must understand why this seig heil is more than just legislators volunteering to be listed as authors of the bill.

Watch at minute 2:20, when Fitzgerald asks for unanimous consent that all Republicans be made authors of the bill. Under Assembly rules, when such a request is made, those on the floor are suppose to remain quiet, and only those who object should raise their hands.

In this blatant and frightening display of extortion, instead Speaker Pro Temp Kramer takes the opportunity to deviate from formal process and ask the Republicans to raise their hands, and then proceeds to call out their districts with glee. Under normal procedure, raising one’s hand would indicate that they oppose being listed. In this new fascist regime, it becomes a signal for Rove, Cline, et al who are counting on Fitz to deliver Wisconsin to them as a show that, despite his diminutive stature, Little Fitz has the power to make 58 grown men and women abandon democracy and become traitors to the US and State constitution.

Afterward, Rep. Peter Barca calls them out on the violation of procedure and Rep. Mark Pocan calls it the “Theater of Politics.” But since nothing appears to be able to stop them from conducting their hostile takeover, the bill passes and is sent to the Senate. Now we will see who in the Wisconsin Senate has pledged their allegiance to fascism. Seig Hiel!

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