Taxpayer money used to reimburse hunters for dog loss

February 3, 2012 by Lady Forward

Rivard: “If somebody’s gonna cheat the system … I mean, that happens every day … we have a real problem with that in our society … if they’re going to take advantage and cheat the system, um, that’s on their conscience and the people of the state of Wisconsin should not pay that depredation, uh, that claim. There’s always gonna be people that cheat the system.”

Currently, bear hunters in Wisconsin are reimbursed up to $2500 when their dog is killed “in the line of duty.” That’s taxpayer money. The GOP-led legislature has cut over $1 billion from Wisconsin’s public schools, but somehow there’s money to compensate hunters looking to add a trophy bear to their den.

Information on Assembly Bill 502

Relating to: hunting and trapping of wolves, providing an exemption from emergency rule procedures, extending the time limit for emergency rule procedures, and making an appropriation.

By Representatives Suder, Rivard, Krug, Severson, Williams, Tiffany, Steineke, Endsley, LeMahieu, Bies, Pridemore, Ballweg, Tauchen, Murtha, Nygren and Vruwink; cosponsored by Senators Moulton, Lasee and Holperin.

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