Kleefisch is “Concerned”

Kestell is concerned, too.

Kleefisch shares the concerns of many people. There are off-duty, out of state, and retired law enforcement officers who have to take the long way around instead of driving past a school because it’s against the law. He shares their concerns. There are hunters who have to return home after picking up their children from school to get their guns before driving back out to go hunting. He shares their concerns. Kestell is concerned about the law enforcement officers who take the law too seriously when it comes to “within one thousand feet” of school grounds. Kleefisch shares his concerns as well, but he’s addressing a specific problem with this bill, and in order to get it passed this session, he doesn’t want to expand it too much.



One Comment on “Kleefisch is “Concerned””

  1. joan kemble February 6, 2012 at 4:16 pm #

    you don’t risk children’s safety for the convenience of these folks. unbelievable.

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