Wisconsin Uprising Anniversary Week of Action Schedule

February 2, 2012

Anniversary Week of Action to Celebrate the Wisconsin Uprising

February 11th-19th, 2012

One Year Longer, One Year Stronger!

Why an Anniversary Week of Action?

  • To remember and honor the unprecedented protests of February and March of 2011, when the people of Wisconsin rediscovered the power of collective action.
  • To reconvene the empowered community that launched the Capitol Occupation and organized state-wide protests, and to reinvigorate the spirit of cooperation and solidarity that fueled them.
  • To identify ways we can expose the political and economic interests that exploit our democratic process out of greed, and set a course to defeat them.
  • To create a space where our movement can articulate a long term vision for structural change centered around social, economic, racial, and environmental justice for all people.
  • To sustain Wisconsin’s 150+ year tradition as a laboratory of democracy by developing new forms of direct democratic decision making.

Schedule of Events so far: 
Pre-Event: The Wisconsin Uprising One Year On: What Happened and What Next?
Date: Thursday, February 9th; 7-9pm
Location: MATC-Downtown Room D240 (211 N. Carroll St. in Madison)
Description:This panel discussion will feature labor activist Eric Cobb, Ruth Conniff of the Progressive Magazine, Sam Jordan of the International Socialist Organization, Ben Manski of the Liberty Tree Foundation, and Tina Treviño-Murphy of the Student Labor Action Coalition.  Sponsored by the International Socialist Organization

Wisconsin Day! Rally to Kick-off a Week of Action
Date: Saturday, February 11th; 11am-1pm
Location: Wisconsin State Capitol- State Street side
Come celebrate the day the movement was born with a rally hosted by the Wisconsin Wave to mark a new holiday- Wisconsin Day!   Speakers will address the challenges and opportunities the grassroots social movement born a year ago faces moving forward as well as the importance of ensuring that future elections are free of manipulation and voter suppression.  For more information please contact the Wisconsin Wave at wisconsinwave@gmail.com
Rallying is for Lovers: I Still Heart UW
Date: Tuesday, February 14th; 12:15pm
Location: Memorial Union @12:15; Solidarity Singalong at the Capitol @1pm; Rally to follow
The Teaching Assistants’ Association (TAA), UW-Madison’s graduate student employee union, calls on students, campus workers, and community members from around the state to march again to deliver valentines to Walker. Let’s remind Wisconsin that we are still fighting for our rights as students and workers!  TAA members will have valentines for you to sign, or print one out and bring it to the event, using the image found here: http://taa-madison.org/2012/02/we-still-heart-uw-rallying-is-for-lovers/  Info: charityschmidt77@gmail.com

Capitol Occupation Documentation Station
Date: Tuesday, February 14th, Wednesday February 15th; 10-6pm both days
Location: Wisconsin State Capitol, room 415 NW Wed., 300 NE Thurs.
In an effort to better preserve the history of the Wisconsin Uprising, the organizers of the Capitol Information Station will be running a “Documentation Station” to help preserve the collective memory of last year’s events.  Please bring signs, posters, photographs (digital files or printed), pins, and other memorable items to contribute to the project! Organizers will be making video and audio recordings of stories from the Uprising and life under the Walker regime during the past year. For more information please contact infostationmadison@gmail.com
One Year Later – Lessons from the Wisconsin Uprising
Date: Thursday, February 16th; 7-9pm
Location: UW-Madison’s Memorial Union, Check “Today in the Union” (800 Langdon St.)
This panel discussion will feature Leland Pan of the Student Labor Action Coalition, Amanda Love of AFSCME Local 2748, Teddy Shibabaw of Socialist Alternative, and labor activist Eric Cobb.  Sponsored by Socialist Alternative.WisConvocation Public Planning Session
Date: Sunday, February 19th; 2-5pm
Location: Tamarack Gallery in Madison (849 E. Washington Ave. Ste. 102, parking in back)
Description:To follow up on a Week of Action there will be a participatory planning session to prepare for a future large-scale inclusive people’s assembly dubbed the “WisConvocation.”  At the WisConvocation participants from around the state will have the opportunity to formulate proposals for action such as a People’s Budget, People’s Platform, and a list of movement demands for candidates participating in the 2012 recall elections.  For more information please contact Brian at organizerbrian@gmail.com

Who We Are
The Week of Action is being planned by a broad coalition of organizations and individuals.  If you or your group would like to endorse, get involved, or add an event to the schedule please contact infostationmadison@gmail.com

For more info and to spread the word visit:


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