Sen. Kedzie (R-ALEC) Lies Again … And Again … Schedules Mining Hearing 340 Miles Away from Mine Site

Kakagon Sloughs: Home of Bad River’s wild rice stands, and eyed as prime development real estate by Walker’s fascist land grab program, “Ready Set Build.” According to sources, this will make a great water ski resort. Photo © Larry Kinnett

February 14, 2012 by Barbara With

On February 13, Sen. Neal Kedzie (R-ALEC) announced that the first of two possible mining hearings has been officially placed on the Senate calendar. This hearing will be a chance for the public to express directly to Fascist Kedzie just how far he has fallen into corruption and graft.

Kedzie, in his usual treasonous form, has scheduled the hearing for Friday, February 17, at 10 a.m. at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, a good 340 miles from the proposed 22-mile open pit iron ore mine site in the Penokee Mountains of northern Wisconsin.

Yesterday, Cognitive Dissidence reported on a now not-so-secret memo coming out of the governor’s office today, called, “Ready, Set, Build!” that dovetails nicely into Kedzie’s lies (see the entire report here):

In this secret email was sent from Walker staffer Andrew Davis, they laid out the talking points for this (Note – The email was altered to present it in a less jumbled format.  All spelling and grammatical errors are his):

From: “Davis, Andrew – GOV”
Date: February 13, 2012 6:09:39 PM CST
To: “Davis, Andrew – GOV”
Subject: Ready, Set, Build!

Tomorrow afternoon the Governor will be publicly announcing his “Ready, Set, Build!”  Please contact me directly if there are any questions or concerns.  Please embargo any press releases or supportive statements until 2pm tomorrow.

Ready, Set, Build!

Program Highlights:

  • Up to 10 different site locations (minimum site size=50 acres) throughout Wisconsin will be identified annually for each of the 3 subsequent years as shovel-ready for economic development
    a) Includes comprehensive information on available sites, buildings, and demographic data
  • These identified sites will be reviewed and approved for pre-certification by the certifying agency (if site meets criteria)
  • Once a site is identified and pre-certified, the site location will be certified-ready for job creators looking to build or relocate in Wisconsin

Key Messages:

This action is another example of how Governor Walker’s Administration and the WEDC, through its Economic and Community Development Division, is pro-actively providing the economic development tools Wisconsin needs to accelerate business start-ups and growth.

  •  One of the keys in encouraging existing Wisconsin businesses to choose Wisconsin as the site for significant expansion, or in attracting new businesses to locate in Wisconsin, is the ready availability of developable properties that have also been pre-certified by regulators.
  • The “Ready, Set, Build!” program will make it easier for entrepreneurs to start a business and for existing businesses to expand by allowing job creators in Wisconsin and around the world to find the perfect pre-certified site location for expansion knowing they can begin building immediately.
  • No time wasted.  No money lost.  It is a win for our economy, a win for our families and a win for our environment.
  • Certified site selection, “Ready, Set, Build!”, (to be implemented in spring) will eliminate critical stumbling blocks for industries – particularly manufacturers – that are looking to expand or locate in Wisconsin.
  • o The site certification program will eliminate many of the delays associated with environmental and other state and local permitting processes.

Andrew Davis | Office of Governor Scott Walker
Director of External Communications
(o) 608-267.3839 | (e)

Interpretation: The state will confiscate prime real estate, and Walker will use his now-extensive administrative authorities to override any environmental, fiscal, public health or other considerations that have been used to protect Wisconsin and its citizens for decades.

This is treason. Pure and simple. And when you consider the value of the Anishinabe real estate, who wouldn’t be salivating to get their shovels into their prime lakefront property? I heard the internationally-acclaimed Kakagon Sloughs, where their wild rice grows, is being eyed for great water skiing potential. If Kedzie and his fellow traitors in the Senate use their power of majority to illegally pass these mining bills as the Assembly did illegally on January 26 when they removed the public from the gallery and “passed” the bill behind closed door, they will “eliminate critical stumbling blocks for industries” by instigating the genocide of the Bad River Tribes, his cronies will be waiting in the wings to “create jobs.”

Wake up Wisconsin. The time is now to get up off the couch and ride. Our very lives depend on it.

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