Tuesday, March 6

Committee on Children and Families

Committee Members

9:30 AM
415 Northwest
State Capitol
Executive Session

Relating to: eligibility under Wisconsin Shares for a child care subsidy, for payment for child care services, and for certification as a family child care provider.

By Representatives Kerkman, Jacque, Kestell, Krug, Rivard, Spanbauer and Wynn; cosponsored by Senators Cowles and Taylor.

Relating to: case planning for a child placed in out-of-home care, including concurrent permanency goals, trial reunifications, and planned permanent living arrangements for such a child.

By Representatives Kerkman, Grigsby, Loudenbeck and Spanbauer.

Relating to: the collection of delinquent child support and granting rule-making authority.

By Representatives Krug, Ziegelbauer, Spanbauer, Petersen, Doyle and Endsley.

Committee on Colleges and Universities

Committee Members

9:30 AM
328 Northwest
State Capitol
Executive Session

Relating to: membership of technical college district boards.

By Representatives Honadel, Ballweg, Bies, Craig, Endsley, Kooyenga, LeMahieu, Marklein, Pridemore, Rivard, Spanbauer, Strachota and Thiesfeldt; cosponsored by Senators Grothman, Cowles, Darling, Galloway, Lasee and Lazich.

Committee on Urban and Local Affairs

Committee Members

9:30 AM
400 Northeast
State Capitol
Executive Session

Relating to: the length of time for which a variance applies.

By Representatives Steineke, Stroebel, Bies, Rivard and Jacque; cosponsored by Senators Lasee, Darling and Grothman.

Committee on Ways and Means

Committee Members

10:00 AM
417 North (GAR Hall)
State Capitol
Executive Session

Relating to: exception to local levy limits for the city of Fox Lake.
By Representative J. Fitzgerald; cosponsored by Senator S. Fitzgerald.
Assembly Bill 638
Relating to: technical changes to the qualified production activities income and franchise tax credit.
By Representative Kooyenga; cosponsored by Senator Grothman.

Committee on Consumer Protection and Personal Privacy

Committee Members

10:15 AM
300 Northeast
Executive Session

Relating to: the prohibition on telephone solicitations to residential customers, granting rule-making authority, and making an appropriation.
By Representatives Ripp, Jacque, Tranel, Spanbauer, Wynn, Marklein and Bies; cosponsored by Senator Holperin.

Committee on Judiciary and Ethics

Committee Members

10:30 AM
Assembly Parlor (2nd Floor West)
State Capitol
Executive Session

Relating to: resolution of claims against the state for wrongful imprisonment of innocent persons and exempting from taxation certain amounts an individual receives from the claims board or legislature.
By Representatives Spanbauer, Berceau, Bernier, Bies, Kessler, Pasch, Roys, Staskunas and Young; cosponsored by Senators Taylor and Hansen.

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