Pocan, Risser call for reversal of collective bargaining ban for public sector unions

March 8, 2012 by WCMC

Today Rep. Mark Pocan and Sen. Fred Risser announced plans to restore collective bargaining rights.  The Collective Bargaining Restoration Act (Assembly Bill 338/Senate Bill 233) would repeal the anti-union provisions passed with Wisconsin Act 10 one year ago.


“The Republican attack on our public employees is the single most unpopular maneuver in modern Wisconsin political history,” said Pocan. “The economy is bad enough as it is. Our goal is to restore 50 years of labor peace in Wisconsin by rolling back Republican attacks on workers.”

“I helped implement collective bargaining in the 1959 legislative session and it has worked, resulting in over 50 years of labor peace in Wisconsin,” said Risser. “What Republicans did was unprecedented, spiteful and contrary to our Wisconsin values.”

Both lawmaker’s statements were met with thunderous applause from the packed room.  Many feel as if the attack on collective bargaining rights has been the single most important factor in the success of the recall efforts against Governor Scott Walker and several State Senators.  The authors of the bill appear hopeful that the passage of this bill would help move Wisconsin forward.



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