Ann Romney Asks: “Please Bring This to an End”

Some of our esteemed fans have asked whether or not we hosted a campaign stop for Ann Romney this morning – we did not. When they called we said she was welcome to come in and say hi to people but once we found out they had bigger ideas we asked them to host it at the library next door. We welcome everyone and endorse no one :). We do however believe in the power of pie to bring people together!

Peder Moren, before the event.

This statement was issued by the Hubbard Avenue Diner following the appearance of Ann Romney, wife of presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, in Middleton, Wisconsin. Peder Moren, Chairman of Food Fight, the company that owns the Diner, was happy to attend, however. Moren’s most recent political campaign contributions have been to such notables as Paul Ryan, Ron Johnson and Sean Duffy.

The event was initially scheduled to take place inside the Hubbard Avenue Diner at 8 am. At the last minute, it was moved outside to the opposite end of the parking lot near the Middleton Public Library. Mrs. Romney arrived in a light-colored Suburban with Kentucky license plates almost an hour late.

Former state senator Ted Kanavas, who serves as the co-chair for Romney’s Wisconsin campaign, was there to greet Romney as she exited the car. A group of UW-Madison College Republicans holding “ROMNEY – Believe In America” signs served as her backdrop as she stood in front of the Public Library. In his introduction of Mrs. Romney before the small crowd, Kanavas pointed out that she’s “a woman who understands really well how important it is for jobs in our economy to be rebounding all around this country,” and how families need to be able to afford the tuition for the “expensive children” like the ones standing behind her. He also said he believed that Mrs. Romney would be the next First Lady. Below is Mrs. Romney’s speech, where she talked about how she didn’t want to go through another presidential campaign. She also told the story of her grandfather, an immigrant from Wales, working in a coal mine starting at age six before an injury forced him out of the mines.

About seventy-five citizens came out to hear Mrs. Romney speak. There were supporters and non-supporters alike. One man, Craig Spaulding, came to the event because he wanted to give Mrs. Romney a gift. When he attempted to do so, her aide wrenched it from his hand.

Romney using her hand to show where her family's cottage was

Photos by Whitney Steffen, Videos by Nicole Desautels Schulte

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2 Comments on “Ann Romney Asks: “Please Bring This to an End””

  1. Gloria Hays March 24, 2012 at 6:08 pm #

    Does anyone remember when Michelle Obama came to WI during the ’08 campaign? Or Obama himself to the Kohl Center? I do. I was at both. Couldn’t get near the place either time, people lined up for hours just to be anywhere near their presence. And this is the enthusiasm the Repubs can muster? The Middleton Library parking lot after being booted out of a diner????

  2. Kathy D. March 24, 2012 at 7:51 pm #

    Please note, also, that Food Fight is a non-union company. They provided food for the reopening of the Chasen Gallery last fall. Union supporters were there, protesting against the University’s relationship with Food Fight.

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