Help wanted: Madison activist needs 2000+ nomination signatures to primary Walker.

The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew and act anew. -Abraham Lincoln

This quote from Lincoln could not be more fitting of the current political climate in Wisconsin, as Arthur Kohl-Riggs announced his intent to run in the Republican primary against Scott Walker in the recall election. Potential candidates have just 10 days to gather the required number of signatures to have their names appear on the primary ballot after the election certification on March 30, 2012.

Kohl-Riggs, a Madison journalist/videographer, who has been active in the efforts to point out the failings of the current administration with his Facebook page Shit Scott Walker Is Doing To My State, envisions a “Lincoln Republican” platform more along the lines of what the 16th President had in mind for the “Party of Lincoln” many years ago.

“My Republican candidacy will highlight the extent to which Governor Walker’s policies fall far out of line with these values of fiscal responsibility, clean, open and limited government and honest representation. Additionally, my presence on the Republican side of the ballot creates incentive for Walker supporters to actually cast their vote for Walker in the primary, rather than succumb to the temptation to influence the Democratic

Arthur as Abe Lincoln covers the "Wine and Wickets" event at the Governor's mansion 9/22/11. Photo: Leslie Amsterdam

Kohl-Riggs, a political newcomer to state wide office, is not satisfied with Governor Walker’s performance, and his decision to seek the nomination is both practical and legitimate. To date, no serious Republican candidate has come forward.

Arthur listens to a citizens's concerns at the Capitol after announcing his candidacy. Photo: Leslie Amsterdam

“I believe that challenging Walker in the Republican primary is the most effective way for me to help facilitate the conversations Wisconsinites need to have in order to move our state forward. I hope to bring clarity and honesty, along with some much needed humor, to the rhetoric-heavy and substance-light political atmosphere”, he continues in his Recall Campaign Announcement.

According to Kohl-Riggs, the Walker administration has deviated from traditional conservative Republican values such as “morals” and “a civic understanding of responsibility”. His campaign motto is: “Less of a joke than Scott Walker”.

Kohl-Riggs seeks volunteers from all corners of the state to assist him in obtaining the requisite number of nomination signatures and relies heavily on his website and his Facebook page Art For Gov to connect with possible future constituents. Download Nomination papers here.

Kohl-Riggs has just five days left to gather at least 2000 valid nomination signatures to get on the Republican primary ballot and face off against Gov. Walker in the primary election May 8, 2012. Signature gatherers outside of Madison should have forms in the mail to 849 E. Washington Avenue #102, Madison , WI 53703 by Friday April 6, 2012 to ensure delivery by Tuesday’s deadline. Completed forms can also be turned in at drop-off locations through Monday in Madison, please email for more information.

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