Freedom of the Press? Only if your colleagues behave.

By Leslie Amsterdam
WTDY News reporter Dylan Brogan was barred from covering a Mitt Romney campaign event today in Madison featuring US Senator Ron Johnson. The event, held at the Monona Terrace, was open to the Press. Mr Brogan, carrying WTDY press credentials, was denied access to the meeting room and ultimately escorted from the building by Madison police.

Dylan Brogan covers conservative talk show host Dana Loesch at the 2012 Tax Day rally in Madison WI. Photo: Michael Matheson

Wisconsin Communications Director for the Romney campaign, Ben Sparks, requested event staff to notify him if WTDY arrived to cover the event. Mr. Sparks explained that Mr. Brogan would not be allowed entrance, as WTDY’s John “Sly in the morning” Sylvester had protested a Romney campaign event in Janesville a few weeks earlier. The entire exchange between Brogan and Sparks outside of the meeting room is included in Brogan’s coverage of the event for WDTY. Listen here.

Dylan Brogan covers politics and the Capitol for WTDY and is widely regarded as one of the hardest working reporters in Madison. His professionalism and attention to detail allow him access to a wide variety of subjects. He is everywhere. WTDY’s News Director Amy Barrilleaux commented: “It’s unfortunate that our reporter was singled out and prevented from covering Senator Johnson’s speech when his only offense was walking into the building with a Press pass bearing the WTDY logo. All other local media wishing to cover the event were allowed in.”

WTDY’s Dylan Brogan interviewing Congressional candidate Representative Mark Pocan. Photo:Leslie Amsterdam

WCMC contacted Dylan Brogan and he had this to say: “I’m sorry that WTDY’s listeners didn’t get to hear Senator Johnson discuss Mitt Romney’s plan to ‘strengthen Wisconsin’s Middle-class.'”

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One Comment on “Freedom of the Press? Only if your colleagues behave.”

  1. beverly jean skelton August 22, 2012 at 8:55 pm #

    And will we see THIS story in our other local press?

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