Wednesday, August 29

Committee on Education and Corrections

Committee members

10:00 AM
411 South
State Capitol
Informational Hearing

Briefing on Impacts to Public Education from Act 32
The committee will hear invited testimony relating to how Act 32 impacted public education in Wisconsin and previewing federal sequestration of nondefense spending cuts imposed by the U.S. Budget Control Act of 2011: Brian Pahnke, Department of Public Instruction Assistant Superintendent of Division of Finance and Management; Duff Martin, National Education Association Director and Wisconsin Education Association Council Member; Ron Heilmann, Retired Eau Claire School District Superintendent; Todd Barry, Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance; Dr. Carolyn Kelley and Dr. Jim Shaw, Researchers at UW-Madison’s Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis.

Testimony will be limited to invited speakers only. Members of the press and public are invited to attend, but access to the room will be limited by the number of available seats. Concealed weapons will not be allowed in the committee hearing room.

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