We Are All Bainport

Welcome to Bainport, USA. Bainport is an encampment set up across the street from Sensata Technologies. Sensata is closing the Freeport plant later this year and outsourcing all operations to China, leaving almost 200 hard working middle class Americans without a job. Sensata is owned by Bain Capital, and to call attention to their plight the inhabitants of Bainport have requested a visit from Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who still has financial interests in Bain Capital. Gov. Romney has declined the invitations.

Mitt Romney Come to Bainport!

Bainport, USA is an encampment supporting soon to be out of work Sensata workers as they call attention to the ravages of outsourcing on the American labor market.

In recent weeks there have been 2 acts of civil disobedience, resulting in the arrests of 9 citizens. Three community members, including 16 year old Karri Penniston, the daughter of a Sensata worker, were arrested for blocking the access of a truck assigned to transport equipment and machinery out of the Freeport plant. Last week another 6 people were arrested for staging a “sit-in” in the lobby of the factory. The people arrested include JoAnn Matthews, mother of Sensata worker Mary Jo Kerr; 82-year-old Paul Holz; and Kathy Hoyer,  a Sensata worker for two decades before being laid off earlier this year. Ms. Hoyer was arrested along with her son.

The Reverend Al Sharpton stands alongside Dot, a longtime Sensata worker and the other citizens arrested in recent civil disobedience actions.

The Sensata plant was abruptly closed this weekend as The Ed Schultz Show broadcast live from the site on Friday evening and the Reverend Al Sharpton rallied the workers on Saturday afternoon. The Reverend Jesse Jackson is expected to visit Bainport Monday afternoon.

The Reverend Al Sharpton in Bainport on Saturday

The Reverend Al Sharpton in Bainport on Saturday.

Karri Penniston, the daughter of Sensata worker Joanne Penniston, was arrested for blocking the path of a truck assigned to remove equipment from the Sensata factory.

The Reverend Al Sharpton and Karri Penniston.

Bainport USA

Joanne Penniston will work at Sensata through December. She continues to fight for her future everyday.

Watch the Reverend Al Sharpton rally Sensata workers on October 20, 2012:

Unless otherwise noted, all images are Copyright Leslie Amsterdam 2012.

Read more about Bainport from Madison photographer Wendi Kent here.

For more information visit Bainport.com.

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One Comment on “We Are All Bainport”

  1. Save Our Jobs October 23, 2012 at 4:23 pm #

    Beautiful images from an uplifting event. Thank you so much for coming to stand with us and for sharing these wonderful images. You captured the spirit of community and resistance that has kept us going for 42 days. Solidarity and all our best. In the fight.

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