Exposing Election Fraud

By Barbara With

As the November presidential election looms one week away, more and more citizens are becoming concerned about the dysfunctional US election systems.

Many Wisconsinites believe that the far-right Tea Party victories that took place in 2010 which installed Wisconsin Republicans Scott Walker, as Governor, J.B. Van Hollen as Attorney General, Kurt Schuller as State Treasurer, Ron Johnson as U.S. Senator, PaulRyan, and Sean Duffy as congressional representatives, and gave Republicans control of both branches of the state legislature was not due to the population switching their progressive, independent, green and democratic votes. A growing number believe there was systematic election fraud at work.

That Wisconsin uses hackable touch-screen voting machines is just the tip of the iceberg. Consider the gerrymandering by the Republicans in secret, the unconstitutional voter ID laws passed by the legislature, the lack of integrity in election officials, the misinformation being spread by Americans for Prosperity, mainstream corporate media complicit in the cover-up, and you have a veritable cocktail of efforts on the part of Tea Party extremists to disenfranchise, manipulate and outright steal our elections.

Make no mistake: Wisconsin and the nation are under attack. Only this attack is from within our own electoral system.

Once considered conspiracy theory, election fraud has finally come of age. Never before have so many average citizens been so willing to consider the hard evidence that our election systems are rigged. There is no lack of investigative journalism on the subject:

• Long-time election integrity advocate Victoria Collier, whose father and uncle uncovered some of the first big election fraud in Florida in the 70s, recently had the cover story in Harper’s in a clear and concise explanation of how elections can be stolen in November.

• Bob Fitrakis, an election law attorney who has written four books about election integrity, broke the story of Tagg Romney’s investment in Ohio voting machines.

Brad Friedman of bradblog.com has been described in the New York Times as “perhaps the most dogged critic of electronic voting machine technology in the blogosphere.”

• Bev Harris wrote an article detailing how to bypass passwords and manipulate election results on the Diebold system, which was subsequently confirmed by internal memos written by Diebold’s own engineers.

Everywhere there is proof that electronic voting machines can and are being hacked, and that election officials are aiding and abetting in the fraud.

This week, WCMC will run a series of articles exposing different aspects of election fraud in Wisconsin. Included will be ideas about how citizens can fight back to protect your vote at the ballot box, as well as strategies to reform our election systems.

Meanwhile, please educate yourselves on this crucial issue and take action, beginning with demanding a paper ballot at the polls.

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One Comment on “Exposing Election Fraud”

  1. Louise Eklund November 2, 2012 at 6:57 pm #

    What do any of you know about Election Source? They are connected with Dominion Voting Systems. The Wisconsin Municipal Clerks’ Vendors link on their website includes Election Source, headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI. Are they just another embodiment of “Command Central” who WCMCOOP reported on just before the Recall election? They have a “news” release posted on their website from 2008, which identifies Jeff Delongchamp as president and Steve Delongchamp as vice president and states the company has been in business for 20 years, formerly known as Miller Consultations and Elections.

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