Election Night Candygram

On a night when the whole country is focused on elections, Scott Walker is sending his palace guard to deliver citations at citizens’ homes.

Over the last two months, the Capitol Police have issued 90 tickets to 30 citizens for demonstrating at the Wisconsin Capitol without a permit. The police have been sending the tickets by certified mail, likely to avoid being photographed or having video taken of their home invasions. Last week, Lisa Wells received a notice of certified mail and checked the box for “refused” meaning the sender would receive a notice she refused to accept the mail.

One week later, at 6:30 pm on election night, the door bell rang and there was a knock at the door. Lisa grabbed the video camera as her partner Jason Huberty answered the door.

As Officer Hyatt hands Lisa the citation, she asks him, “A citation for what?” “Just open it and read it. We have to serve it to you,” he says. He and Officer Calhoun walk back to their SUV as Lisa calls out, “Wait, I have questions!”. Hyatt tells her to call the Court Services Officer. “They don’t call me back Andrew, I told you that!”

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