The People’s Declaration

July 18, 2013 by Greg “Commissioner” Gordon

[What follows are written comments submitted to the Wisconsin Department of Administration as part of the public input process on the promulgation of emergency administrative rules. – Editors]

Good afternoon. My name is Greg Gordon. My friends call me Commissioner Gordon. I live in Waunakee. My speech is gleaned entirely from phrases contained in the songbook of the award-winning Solidarity Sing Along.

There’s something happening in the great State of Wisconsin. There’s a man in the governor’s office telling teachers and seniors they’ve got to beware. Don’t believe the governor. We’re not going away. Walker won’t be governor some day. Don’t listen to his lies. The law’s supposed to serve US, and so are the police. When the system fails it’s up to us to speak in order to establish justice.

We got a right to free speech. You got a right. I got a right. My conscience decrees this right I must treasure – how can I keep from singing? It isn’t nice to go to jail. There are nicer ways to do it, but should tyrants take me and throw me in prison, I declare that while I still have breath ain’t gonna let Mike Huebsch turn me around, ain’t gonna let Dave Erwin turn me around. How can I keep from singing? I want to be in that number when justice rules, some day soon.

Greg Gordon and State Representative Diane Hesselbein, another frequent participant of Solidarity SingAlong.

Greg Gordon and State Representative Diane Hesselbein, another frequent participant of Solidarity SingAlong.

Those who went before us fought and died for our civil rights. We’re not gonna let ‘em go. We, the people? We are a gentle, angry people and we shall not be moved. Article 1, Section 4 of our State Constitution ain’t gonna let Scott Walker turn us around.

We’ll be here ‘til Wisconsin gets better. Just like a tree that’s standing by the water, we shall not be moved. We are workers. We are parents. We are people and we’re united, united for the teachers, for the folks who drive the school bus, for working families. You might think our mighty cause is lost but we’re not going away, Grill some brats, tap a keg, and pass the cheddar – no one can deny – we’re not going away! Together we’re going to win this fight. Scott Walker will never push us out. There is power in a union. Keep your eyes on the prize. We shall overcome. Solidarity forever. Solidarity FOREVER!

Greg Gordon performs with Solidarity SingAlong at People's Brat Fest

Greg Gordon performs with Solidarity SingAlong at People’s Brat Fest

UPDATE: On Tuesday July 16, 2013 Greg Gordon made this declaration during the Solidarity SingAlong: ‘We, the citizens of Wisconsin will be enforcing the provisions of the temporary injunction. If we determine that the Capitol Police are engaging in behavior intended to chill free speech, we will declare the Walker Administration unlawful. If citizens are illegally ordered to move out or disperse, the entire rotunda will be subject to tuneful dissent.'”

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