Evidence of election fraud in Wisconsin; WMC buys Supreme Court Chief Justice

April 12, 2015 by Barbara With

In last Tuesday’s election, Wisconsin citizens voted on a referendum to redefine the terms by which the Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court will be determined. For 126 years, the justice appointed to the position has been the court’s longest-serving judge. A “yes” for the referendum meant a voter supported changing the process of determination to a majority vote of the judges on the court.

The referendum passed with a vote of 53% yes, 47% no. Current Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson, a liberal, stands to lose her position. However, liberal incumbent Ann Walsh Bradley won 58% of the votes to retain her position on the court, while conservative Circuit Court Judge James P. Daley received 42%.

The question arises, how could the liberal candidate Walsh Bradley win the election, but the referendum against liberal Chief Justice Abrahamson pass?

You Can't Steal Our VoteSince Scott Walker became governor, there is ample evidence that Wisconsin has been beset with election fraud. As a result, extreme right-wing Republicans now control every entity in state government: senate, assembly, governor’s office, highway patrol and the Supreme Court.

In the case of the recent election, an ad campaign in favor of the referendum was funded by $600,000 from the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) and misled voters with the message Vote Yes for Democracy. The real impetus behind the referendum was likely the impending John Doe case, which is on its way to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. WMC’s spending during the 2012 recall elections is a key issue in the case. Daley is also a defendant.

In an unprecedented move made last month by the court, the hearing of the John Doe case will be held in secret. Not surprising, however, since the majority of the court is bankrolled by WMC. Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson dissented, saying, “The court’s failure to provide further justification for its highly unusual decision to cancel oral argument is, in my view, alarming [and] may, unfortunately, signify the court’s intention to dispose of the John Doe cases as a whole in a similarly swift and secretive manner. I cannot join the court in concealing this important litigation from public view.”

One of several photos of a touch screen poll tape observed at the Supreme Court recount from Pewaukee dated March 30, 2011 1:40 AM for an election that took place April 5, 2011. Photo: Barbara With

One of several photos of a touch screen poll tape observed at the Supreme Court recount from Pewaukee dated March 30, 2011 1:40 AM for an election that took place April 5, 2011. Photo: Barbara With

The result of the referendum vote now tightens Republican control of the judicial branch. This is not the first time the court has been poised to take on legal issues involving Republican Walker where circumstantial evidence pointed to fraud.

On March 18, 2011, Dane County Judge Maryanne Sumi placed a restraining order on the new union-busting Act 10 law which was passed contentiously in the middle of the night. The April 2011 Supreme Court election between incumbent conservative Republican David Prosser and liberal Joanne Kloppenberg would determine who held the majority on the bench—liberals or conservatives. If Prosser was not elected to the bench when the Act 10 case arrived at the Supreme Court, the Republicans very likely would be held accountable for violating the open meetings law.

The election ended with the mysterious discovery of 14,000 ballots two days after Kloppenberg won the election, swinging the win to Prosser. The extra votes led to a state-wide recount, where evidence of election fraud discovered by volunteers was not reported to the Government Accountability Board before they determined Prosser as the winner.

Judge Maryanne Sumi. Photo: Mike King, AP

Judge Maryanne Sumi. Photo: Mike King, AP

Judge Sumi indeed found Republicans guilty on May 26. As it turned out, Prosser’s “win” allowed the conservative majority on the Supreme Court to overrule Sumi’s decision, proclaim that the Wisconsin Republicans were not subject to the law of the land and allow Walker and his corporate sponsors to “legally” move forward in their takeover of the state.

Definition of Election Fraud

There is undeniable circumstantial evidence that Wisconsin is the target of election fraud. Like fingerprints at the scene of a crime, one must examine the multiple pieces of evidence of the attack on elections that has been perpetrated by the now-Republican majority.

Election fraud is not just corrupt election officials “finding” 14,000 votes two days after an election;

It’s not just voting machines that can be rigged with no discernible trace and proven by Princeton University to be hackable, and controlled by a shady organization operating out of a strip mall in Minnesota;

It’s not just gerrymandering by redistricting using $395-an-hour attorneys at taxpayer cost to draw up secret maps and making legislators sign secrecy agreements to diminish democratic representation;

It’s not just disenfranchising and intimidating students;

It’s not just robocalls telling people that they do not need to vote if they already signed the petition for the recall;

It’s not just exit polling not matching the previous exit polling minutes before;

It’s not just the Central Tabulator that controls votes remotely;

It’s not just dark money flooding the state to influence all elections;

It’s not just a voter suppression law that outright keeps voters from the polls and was rammed through the legislature only to later be declared unconstitutional;

It’s not just Election Day confusion because of closed polling places, misinforming the public, providing clerks with confusing information and running out of ballots;

It’s not just threatening to close DMVs in Democratic districts, the only place where IDs can be obtained;

Mailer from Americans for Prosperity with incorrect information about when the absentee ballots are due back to clerks.

Mailer from Americans for Prosperity with incorrect information about when the absentee ballots are due back to clerks.

It’s not just Americans for Prosperity sending out absentee ballot application forms to Democrats with erroneous information meant to mislead;

It’s not just propaganda that makes people believe the state has turned right wing to “balance the budget“;

It’s not just an ALEC-type, right-wing organization named the Election Assistance Commission, the brainchild of voting machine companies;

It’s not just a Government “Accountability” Board whose staff censors information going to board members;

It’s not just voting machine distributor Command Central giving out two free touch screen voting machines to wards all across the State in exchange for their Optiscans, which require paper ballots, thereby eliminating any paper trail;

It’s not just Democrats who concede elections before all the votes are counted and don’t demand justice;

It’s not just a highly disturbing trend of former blue and purple voting districts suddenly turning solid red;

Election fraud is all of this and more, and Wisconsin has verifiable evidence that election fraud is alive and functioning in this state.  

Under these conditions, it’s no wonder WMC has been able to buy themselves a Chief Justice, and that John Doe will be reviewed in secret.



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19 Comments on “Evidence of election fraud in Wisconsin; WMC buys Supreme Court Chief Justice”

  1. ChazzMikel April 13, 2015 at 2:15 pm #

    It’s good to see this issue of election fraud being talked about in a number of articles lately. Any exceptional people, State, or Nation needs to constantly examine its actions, methods, laws, etc., in order to remain exceptional. Even though this is a subject wrought to expose one to ridicule (tin foil hats, paranoia, petty dismay) the fact remains, elections are NOT secure or satisfactorily verifiable. We, as citizens, get only our vote (us ordinary ‘meat bag’ humans, that is) and I would contend only those who have something to gain from rigged elections could have a problem with the added expense, time, and perceived inefficiency of boldly verifiable elections. As long as ‘nudge, nudge, wink wink’ partisanship rules the electorate and NOT a concern for election integrity, regardless of who stands to gain each election, one side or the other will be crying foul while the other taunts – and our nation careens further and further from the hands of the People.

  2. Dan April 16, 2015 at 1:26 pm #

    What we need is a separate election tally (kind of like exit polling) to verify the vote. A means where people can register their vote and if more people voted for the loser than the “winner” a court challange can be made.

  3. kevin April 23, 2015 at 10:33 am #

    Thank you Barbara for doggedly pursuing this line of inquiry. When I think about all the heartache and suffering occurring in the state at the hands of the republicans and I think about how it could and should have been different if we had fair and honest elections it makes my blood boil. This has to be the central issue everyone focuses on, no matter how compelling other things may seem. We can all run around desperately trying to stamp out the brush fires the republicans light or we can do the one thing that will have the greatest impact on all issues, and that is electoral reform.

  4. boyd5515 May 5, 2015 at 5:35 pm #

    Our Government Declassified- The U.S Treasury Dept. received false information from the Illinois Veteran’s Administration Reimbursement Dept. from 1987 thru 2003 which allowed hundreds of thousands of dollars to be used to buy and sell drugs in the 24th Ward of Chicago. Millions were made placed in individual ($9,5K) bank accounts to be called upon in 2007 and donated towards kicking off the 2007 Presidential ad Campaign for the 1st Black African U.S Presidential Candidate (Barack H. Obama II). Public Reference: Mr. Franklin D. Turner Case: 2002CR1335501 Disposition: 3/24/2003 Class: 2nd Degree Felony ID Theft >$10K <$100K How do I know this? Because I not only provided the FBI with the mechanism of the scam and its purpose that convicted Mr. Turner, I'm the one who was authorized by the FBI to create the fraudulent material him that he used to attach to VA Form 256 in 1987. So what government agencies' fund are the Democrats pillaging from for their 2016 Presidential Candidate or do you even care?

    • Barbara With May 5, 2015 at 7:40 pm #

      Why is it whenever a story comes out about corruption in the Wisconsin Republican party, people feel a need to refute it by exposing the corruption of the other side of the aisle? Corruption is corruption and apparently, you are corrupt. You post this…why? Because you are proud of being a crook? Because you think by posting this about corruption around Obama it will make our Wisconsin corruption less…important? Less corrupt? It’s not about left vs right. it’s about Right vs Wrong and YOU were wrong, and THESE PEOPLE are wrong.

      • boyd5515 May 5, 2015 at 8:39 pm #

        I’ve have you know that at time (1987-2003) I was in the United States Military secretly attached to assist the Veterans Administration Fraud Dept., I’m far from being a crook, so watch who you accuse. Obama is a very dangerous man, his position effects us all NOT JUST WISCONSIN. We all provided tax dollars to the Federal Reserve Bank and its is being secretly pilfered to buy and sell drugs on our (Chicago) streets just to place political want a bees in office, everyone in America is in danger. It is only through grave sacrifices (rape of my child), a heavy heart that I survived and live to this day to publish by book and make this post. So instead of making critic replies to something you evidently don’t appreciate knowing, know this, that V.A fraud went on though (9/11/2001) while hundreds of people lost their lives until properly investigated how do we know that these terrorist didn’t use our funds against us? Millions were made with all of our tax dollars in a sophisticated government scam and if I ever receive the opportunity to testify in court on the Black Opt Mission that went horribly wrong, President Obama will have to answer!

  5. Barbara With May 5, 2015 at 8:52 pm #

    This has little if anything to do with the story. You want we publish another story on this? OK, but don’t try to justify what is going on in Wisconsin with this. It’s doesn’t fly. No one on this site defends Obama. Just try and find one article on him. It’s a different topic. Write your book, publish it, get it out there and tell the world but don’t try and convince anyone that because of your experience, this story is invalid.

    • boyd5515 May 5, 2015 at 9:23 pm #

      The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals held that the Circuit Court of Cook County is a criminal enterprise. U.S. v. Murphy, 768 F.2d 1518, 1531 (7th Cir. 1985). Judges as criminals.com This is NOT JUST ABOUT WISCONSIN, It a criminal organization now under the control of Obama, and who’s defending Obama? I’m trying to get him impeached! Everything is connected, there’s no such thing as one corrupt judge, Judicial immunity does not exist for judges who engage in criminal activity, for judges who connive with, aid and abet the criminal activity of another judge, or to a judge for damages sustained by a person who has been harmed by the judge’s connivance with, aiding and abetting, another judge’s criminal activity. Voting poles are contaminated by our corrupt system, I’m not going to argue with someone who believes that this problem only exist in Wisconsin there’s higher means behind all this and it starts with ciphering our government funds to place Candidate in the Presidential election this government scam is how they’re doing it!

  6. Barbara With May 5, 2015 at 11:14 pm #

    I never said the problem only exists in Wisconsin. Read the rest of the site. For god sake we cover WISCONSIN. We are not a Federal forum. but you come on here talking as if because we do a story on Wisconsin that it means…all sorts of other things you project. You have no idea what any of us think or feel about Obama so stop please. Did you work to impeach Bush too? Because if you didn’t or you don’t see how the problem is pervasive long past Obama then you are just a bounty hunter.

    • boyd5515 May 6, 2015 at 12:57 am #

      Look Barbara, I discovered a U.S Federal Reserve Fund Scam that dates back to 1988 these criminals have been using this as their personal piggy bank to buy and sell drugs making millions to control voting poles, control police, influence Honorable Judges at every level and in every state. I linked these illegal funds being used to kick-off the Obama’s Administration back in 2007. I do have a personal beef with Obama, but that evidence is not for here. When a government fund scam continues unanswered for over 15yrs and is quietly silenced with a plea bargain, you can bet Obama is just a puppet! Now how do the America People know that this U.S Treasury scam that was governor by the FBI is really over, just look never for has there ever been so many candidates running for President. Which one has their hands in our governments cookie jar, in some major cities Obama win 100% of the votes in 2012, how is that even possible?

      • Barbara With May 6, 2015 at 7:11 am #

        As I said, it’s not right versus left, it’s right versus wrong. You want to submit the story? Please feel free. But don’t tell me that Obama is the only one who is corrupt here. And don’t tell me that your story trumps this one. That’s the whole point.

      • Roger259 May 6, 2015 at 8:44 am #

        It would have ended at my first post, but you keep assumption about my post! 1st you accused me of being crook, 2nd defending Obama and 3rd being a bounty hunter, all missed points. Its pointless to continue this thread, I’m quite sure my little post will not effect the big media reporting this Wisconsin story has received or will receive in the future, but thanks by advocating my story, you have inadvertently trumped the title story and brought more attention to mine. So hopefully my subliminal post will gain more awareness and others will continue this thread!

      • Barbara With May 6, 2015 at 8:55 am #

        Well sir look into the comment above. I am NOT saying you are defending Obama. I am saying, when Tea Party Obama haters want to divert attention from the corruption of Wisconsin, their first line of defense is to attack Obama. THAT is what I am saying you are doing. Second YOU are the one who said you were a crook, and 3rd, if you aren’t going after Bush with the same verocity you are going after Obama, yes, I used the metaphor (remember metaphors or didn’t you go to school) to say you are going after Obama, which if YOU read MY posts you would see I am not against, only when it comes to diverting attention from Wisconsin corruption.) I would LOVE if you submitted a story here on your experience. READ boy, don’t just REACT.

      • Barbara With May 6, 2015 at 8:57 am #

        AGain, please, post links to your story, even submit an article. I meanwhile have called up on my election integrity friends (who are omnipartisan) to comment and tell me what they know about what you are saying.

  7. Roger259 May 6, 2015 at 8:47 am #

    Darn it you can’t edited post 😦

    • Barbara With May 6, 2015 at 8:55 am #

      It’s ok! I will even allow that comment! 😉

  8. Roger259 May 6, 2015 at 11:12 am #

    I haven’t a vague ideal of the term “Tea Party” and actually am your taunt I was born into this criminal organization used as a mule to transport their drugs with age 14. I joined the military to get away from these criminals only to windup going under cover for the FBI on this V.A Fraud that was being used to buy and sell drug for Obama’s 2007 Presidential Ad Campaign. No I’m not to smart, but I am a soldier (grunt), I tried to come toward in 2007 against Obama, but the police were threatening me and in 2009 they beat me up. So now I’m taking my case to the media and if share little my story can promote one person to ask questions then that helps my complaint with the EOIG office.

  9. Roger259 May 6, 2015 at 11:36 am #

    Besides that your story written very well, is posted by reporter and a have respect reads, if I could get someone from the private sector to just do a preliminary investigation on my story that would be great. I don’t understand “what’s the big deal?” How is posting my short story here going effect your reads opinion? So what they get a little side tracked, nobody seem to care how our U.S Treasury Bank was cyphered over 15 yrs. to be used to buy and sell narcotics for Obama’s 2007 campaign ads. Maybe this is how its done and the 2015 Presidential Candidates all have their greedy hands in the cookie jar. Hell Obama got away with it, why not future U.S President’s too?

  10. Barbara With May 6, 2015 at 12:25 pm #

    OK finally we are getting somewhere. You sound as passionate as I am, and sometimes we get caught up in our passion and don’t hear each other. I would be happy to bring your story to the editorial board and see what they think. Meanwhile send me some more information about where I can find out what you are saying. I am not doubting what you are saying but of course we would have to investigate it. And yes, ALL election fraud is important to uncover.

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