Repression, Resilience & Solidarity: The 4th Precinct Shutdown

November 24, 2015  by Kenneth Nyoike

4th Precinct Shutdown (1)

I was incredibly shocked and saddened hearing about last night’s terroristic shooting of five social-justice demonstrators in North Minneapolis. I find it hard to believe sometimes the amount of hate that too many living among us carry around everyday. My heart goes out to this community that has been so repeatedly traumatized and all of the wonderful people I’ve had the privilege of meeting within it.

I made this film to document the events I witnessed last Thursday night at the 4th Precinct; but more so, in hopes that those unable to physically stand in solidarity with the people of North Minneapolis might still gain a somewhat tangible sense of the pain and frustration they endure, and the strength and solidarity with which they face this hardship.

Please watch, share, and support this community however you may be able. Remember, human rights are your rights!



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