Meet the Clinton Campaign Money Makers Funneling Money Through the Wisconsin Democratic Party

April 7, 2016 by Barbara With

Meet some of the power players of the Hillary Victory Fund whose contributions were funneled through the Democratic Party of Wisconsin directly back to the Democratic National Committee on behalf of Clinton. Click on links below to see all their Super Pac and outside group donations (courtesy Center for Responsive Politics):

Haim and Cheryl Saban

Haim Saban, $343,400 and Cheryl Saban, $353,400: Israeli-American media magnate who is currently head of Univision. Saban has close ties with the Clintons going back many years. Cheryl is a long-time member of the Clinton Foundation Board of Directors.

Sabans Super Pac and outside donations $5,000,000


Alice WaltonAlice Walton, $353,400: #16 on the Forbes List of World Billionaires and heiress to the Walton empire. She was among the first to ante up to the Ready for Hillary PAC.



sorosclintonGeorge Soros,$343,400: #23 on the Forbes List of World Billionaires who in 2015 donated $8 million to the leading super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, marking the return of the billionaire financier as among the biggest givers in all of American politics. Soros Super Pac and outside donations $8,025,000

eychanderAPFred Eychaner, $360,400: Reclusive Chicago multimillionaire who has donated $25 million to the Clinton Foundation. Eychaner made most of his weath in 2002 when he sold a Chicago television station for $425 million to Republican billionaire Rupert Murdoch, who runs News Corp., the media company that includes Fox News and the Wall Street Journal.
Eychaner Super Pac and outside donations $4,050,000

herbert sandler (1)Herbert Sandler, $353,400: Creator of the Golden West Financial Corporation used to acquire Golden West Savings and Loan Association. This predecessor to World Savings Bank grew into one of the largest thrifts in the U.S. with assets of approximately $125 billion. Sandler helped fund the Center of American Progress, sister organization to the Clinton’s Truman National Security Project, with ties to accused Sanders campaign saboteurs Aisha Dew and Joe Caiazzo.
Sandler Super Pac and outside donations $4,050,000

laure-woodsLaure Woods, $366,400: President, Board of Directors of the Bay Area Lyme Foundation and clinical researcher for a variety of pharmaceutical companies. Woods has organized fundraisers and is a major contributor to many 2012 Democratic campaigns.
Woods Super Pac and outside donations $1,830,000



jordans2Wayne Jordan, $337,200 and Quinn Delaney, $337,200:  Multimillionaire owners of Jordan Real Estate Investments, an Oakland-based commercial and residential real estate investment firm. Jordan and Delaney have hosted Clinton fundraisers in California and in 2014 purchased a 2100 SF duplex in New York City for $5.4 million to host fundraisers on the East Coast.
Jordan Super Pac and outside donations $850,000
Delaney Super Pace and outside donations $600,000

S. Daniel Abraham (1)S. Daniel Abraham, $320,000: Founder of Slim-Fast who sold the brand to Unilever for $3.2 billion in 2000. Founder of the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace.

Abraham Super Pac and outside donations $2,000,000

Scott Miller and Tim Gill (1)Scott Miller, $310,000 and Timothy Gill, $344,400: LGBTQ activists based in Colorado. Gill made his Billions in the software industry and now runs the Gill foundation for LGBTQ rights. His husband Scott Miller is on the Board of the Gill Foundation.



BUELLimageSusie Buell, $330,000: Founder of the Esprit clothing brand. Despite the Clinton administration’s Department of Labor raiding three San Francisco garment contractors that manufactured clothing for Esprit and finding doctored books and $3.75 an hour wage without overtime, Buell since became one of the Clinton’s biggest fundraisers.
Buell Super Pac and outside donations $850,000

Philip Munger (1)Philip Munger, $353,400: Son of Charles Munger, Warren Buffet’s right hand man.





Avie Glazer (1)Avie Glazer, $353,400: Heir to real estate and oil fortunes. The family owns the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Manchester United football team, where Avie serves as CEO.




katzenbergimageJeffrey Katzenberg, $353,400: Former chair of Disney Corp and current CEO of DreamWorks Animation. One of the DNC’s top fundraisers.

Katzenberg Super Pac and outside donations $1,100,000


barbaraleeBarbara Lee, $320,000: Longtime representative for California’s 13th Congressional District.

Lee Super Pac and outside donors $1,696,904



Mary and JB Pritzker (1)J.B Pritzker, $330,000 and Mary Pritzker, $330,000: Hyatt Hotel heir. Brother to Penny Pritzker, current Secretary of the Department of Commerce.

Pritzker Super Pac and outside donations $3,800,000



Donald Sussman (1)Donald S. Sussman, $343,400: Hedge Fund manager at Paloma Partners Advisors.

Sussman Super Pac and outside donations $2,400,000

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3 Comments on “Meet the Clinton Campaign Money Makers Funneling Money Through the Wisconsin Democratic Party”

  1. Pat Nash April 7, 2016 at 8:15 pm #

    Oh no, some rich people are Democrats. How awful! And how terrible of Hillary to actually support other Democrats running for office. A travesty!

    • Barbara With April 7, 2016 at 8:56 pm #

      I am saddened and embarrassed to see you remark in such a fashion. This, the woman who fought against the Koch Brothers taking over the state, using Republicans to do their bidding. When Bernie Sanders takes all counties except one and yet our Dem tell us to sit down and shut up because they are now going to make the decisions for us, we should be very concerned. Especially since this Supreme Court ruling that went along with Citizens United has allowed legal money laundering like this and you support it.

      This is the same kind of usurping of our democracy that you and I fought together to prevent. How foolish your comment looks. Sad for you.

    • Barbara With April 7, 2016 at 8:58 pm #

      And apparently you did not read the article. There is no support for the state Dems. They take all the money. Oh wait, the billionaires left us $278.19. Right.

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