Nevada Democratic Convention Voter Suppression Chaos Explained

May 15, 2016 by Barbara With

Chaos broke out at the Nevada Democratic Convention Saturday as state Party Chair Roberta Lange seized control of the nomination process after a controversial enactment of special rules by the Executive Board of the Nevada Democratic Party several weeks prior. Members of the party tried to object to the rule changes, claiming that they were passed illegally and removed the voice of the people from the process.

The new rules, which were allegedly passed without quorum, were designed to give complete convention authority to the state chair.

blackburnRoseann Pascoe Blackburn, one of the county delegates rejected during the process, said, “Nevada Democrats have no record of me being a county delegate, which in turn excludes me from the state level despite me having proof.”

In the video below, Dan Rolle, congressional candidate for Nevada District 4, outlines the series of events that led up to the break down of democracy yesterday in Las Vegas:

“We’re not talking about Hillary vs Bernie anymore. We’re way beyond that. Because the fact of the matter is, if Hillary legitimately had more people there, Hillary legitimately wins. OK. I get that. I think most people understand that. That is not what we are talking about.

We are talking about a state party and a national party that are willing to usurp fairness in order to have their way.”

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One Comment on “Nevada Democratic Convention Voter Suppression Chaos Explained”

  1. srinisesh September 28, 2016 at 11:42 am #

    The forces responsible for hijacking the process with insiders help booted Jill Stein out of ballot . Gangster head Reid is suspected in this foul play.

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