“Maybe my grandpa saved your grandpa … ” Lakota to DAPL Security

November 13, 2016 by Barbara With

Lakota healer Doug Good Feather talked recently about the Native American Code Talkers who helped win World War II through the use of their language.

During the war, the CIA chose Native Americans to transmit vital information using their native language. The structure and tonal qualities were almost impossible for non-Natives to learn. Code Talkers were used in every aspect of the Pacific operations.

Good Feather refers to the Dakota Access pipeline security forces who are violating the civil and human rights of the water protectors at the Sacred Stone Camp at Standing Rock, North Dakota:

“We saved millions of lives, my grandpas did. Those guys that are coming with dogs, that are attacking, that are doing all this … maybe it was my grandpa that save their grandpa … ”

Video: Kellie Stewart
Featured image: Adam Alexander Johansson

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