Sen. Risser (D-Madison) Sponsors Bill to Ban Blood Lust Sport Hunting Contests


January 30, 2019 by Barbara With

Sen. Fred Risser has drafted a bill that would ban the cruel and immoral wildlife killing contests, not only on national forest lands, but across the entire state.

Hunting contests are events held by local hunting groups and taverns that charge an entry fee. Participants then kill as many animals as they can in an attempt to win cash prizes. Contests engage the use of dogs to hunt down coyotes, fox, raccoons and wolves, and often crows, bobcats, and any other animal the blood lust hunters consider “predators.”The practice is not only barbaric and gruesome, it disrupts the balance of nature. Coyotes and foxes have no season and can be shot anytime. Both control the spread of Lyme’s by preying on white-footed mice. Despite blood lust sport hunters’ claim that they are controlling predators, loss of these animals often leads to an increase in their prey and infestations of those unwanted rodents.

The kill from 2nd Annual Coyote Hunt, 01/27/19 Loomis, Wisconsin.

According to Patricia Randolph of Madravenspeak, in a recent article in Capital Times:

Trapping hundreds of thousands of wild animals is not gruesome enough for these wildlife haters — they want to experience a different adrenaline rush. Here is not an undercover video but a proud self-promotion by a hunter running over coyotes repeatedly with snowmobiles working in groups. Then he picks up a run-over coyote by the tail to swing him, bashing his head repeatedly against the snowmobile, then races off to run over other coyotes.

Video courtesy Wolf Patrol

According to Wolf Patrol, here is what’s needed and how you can help. PLEASE TAKE ACTION BY FEBRUARY 1:

This bill needs lots of co-sponsors from both the Senate and Assembly. ACTION: Contact both your state senator and representative and say, “Please sign onto LRB 1453/1 relating to: prohibiting contests for killing wild animals and providing a penalty, sponsored by Senator Fred Risser.”

This bill needs an Assembly companion bill sponsored by a Republican.  ACTION: If your state Representative is a Republican, contact him/her with this message: “Please co-sponsor a companion bill for LRB 1453/1, related to prohibiting wildlife contests and providing a penalty, sponsored by Senator Fred Risser.”

January 20, 2019 predator hunting contest in northern Michigan.

Look up your state Senator and Representative here:

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