The Hope of #NotMeUs

March 8, 2020 by Barbara With

I am a healthy, white, 65-year-old woman of privilege. I have no children or grandchildren and live a happy life. I own my home where I have clean water, food on the table, Medicare, and make a living wage. This makes me privileged.

Compared to the struggling families around the country who have no clean water, the over 500,000 homeless and 48,000,000 living in poverty, the two million veterans being denied health care, people working three jobs who still don’t make ends meet, and the millions who can’t pay their medical bills or student loans, I am truly blessed.

It’s true, I love Bernie Sanders, but my passion is not just about him and his long, consistent record through the past 40 years of fighting for the working class, addressing climate change, and opposing corporate control. This is about the movement he is inspiring and being a part of the millions of people who are standing up and proclaiming #NotMeUs.


This movement of ours is a multi-racial coalition of real people from all across the country who are standing up to support people we’ve never met. We do it because #NotMeUs appeals to our better angels. We do it because many of us are suffering injustices and desperately need others to stand for and with us. Those of us who are privileged do it because we understand the tenuous line between have and have not. We do it because we believe that the greatness of our nation is judged by how we treat our weakest members.

Seeing this movement gives me hope for humanity:

Bernie Sanders rally, Chicago, IL, March 7, 2020 Photo: Action Items for Bernie 2020

Not the fake hope Obama peddled before he revealed that Wall Street meant more to him that Main Street, and started five more wars.

But this is real, authentic hope, as Bernie pulls back the curtain and introduces us to each other. Here we are meeting other good people from all across the country who don’t care about “D”s or “R”s. We are willing to come together and stand up for each other.

Bernie has moved the dialogue about what is possible in this country, thereby inspiring us to believe that we can become the change we need. He elevates us out of the propaganda echo chamber with the truth and gets us back talking to each other. He is giving us all a platform to work together with a common vision: to create a world that is good for everyone.

Bernie Sanders’ rally, Tacoma, WA, February 17, 2020 Estimated crowd, 17,000

Bernie has had the same vision for 40 years because the issues he was addressing in 1988 are still plaguing us today and getting worse. Worse to the point of extinction.

Joe Biden and the DNC have no such movement. They are being funded by Wall Street and the fossil fuel/military industrial corporations. Together they are helping other congresspeople profit off of wars, all the while starving domestic programs, destroying other countries, cultures and populations, and fueling the climate crisis, as their greed takes precedence over our future generations.

Biden appears to be suffering from some kind of dementia, stumbling through the talking points the DNC gives him to make us think we can trust him. Whether or not he can beat Trump, he does not have the power or platform to inspire people to rise up and work for the good of all like the #NotMeUs movement is doing right now.

Bernie knows full well he is bought and paid for by We the People. What a rare moment in America: an American president who knows he is beholding to We the People. Not only is he happy do to so, he expects our participation. What a great time in history to be on the right side of.


Photo: Charlotte Erickson, America for Bernie Sanders 2020

If Bernie doesn’t get the nomination, we expect he will invite us to stay in the party with him. Some will, others won’t. But that does not negate our movement. This change is bigger than Bernie Sanders being president. It’s systemic, coming from the bottom up, from the people themselves, not in a political party or leader. The change comes in the young people who have been educated and energized, the future legislators inspired to run for office, and the many who will take #NotMeUs back into our communities. We are also inspiring people in countries around the world who see us standing up to the ravishes of our war-making neoliberalism.

I hope Bernie knows that he has succeeded wildly in building a movement that will carry forward into our children’s future, no matter what the corporations, the industrial military complex, the willfully ignorant, and the oligarchy do. No one can take our hope when it’s rooted in our own compassion, community, and standing up for the good of all.

Thank you Bernie. We love Us.

#bernie2020 #presidentsanders #NotMeUs



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