Rights of the Mississippi River Press Conference July 20, 2021

10 States Sharing One Misi-ziibi: Dewatering, Deforestation, and Destruction at Headwaters
Itasca State Park
10 AM Ceremony
11 AM Press Conference

Come join us at the headwaters of Misi-ziibi at 10 am for ceremony and 11 am for a press conference about the severe drought.All people and all faiths are welcome at the ceremony.

To be respectful, please wear a skirt at the 10 am ceremony if you identify as a woman.Come listen to speakers while witnessing the drought, the resistance, and the river that connects so many of us. Bring your own water container for us to share spring water. Bring your own lunch, no glass please.

This Nibi/water is removed from the water table by Enbridge and placed in upland holding ponds with little known evidence as to how or if the water will return to its/her original source. This impacts water for drinking, fishing, canoeing, and growing Manoomin (wild rice).

Rights of Manoomin was passed in 2018 by the White Earth Nation and 1855 Treaty Authority to protect this relative. The destruction from dewatering has the potential to be devastating for all of us who share this connection with Misi-ziibi.

This event is Co-hosted by Rights of Mississippi River, RISE Coalition, MN350, Science for the People, Vote Climate, and Health Professionals for a Healthy Climate

Photo: Caspian Wirth

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