Winona La Duke: “Enbridge does not own the river; neither does the DNR”

July 18, 2021

Barbara With

On July 15, Winona LaDuke addressed concerned citizens at the Shell City Campground Water Protector camp on the Shell River. Water protectors have been monitoring the health of the Shell River for over seven weeks, documenting the impact of the drought, as well as the losses to the local irrigation systems. When the river dropped down 8”, monitors discovered 62 deep water pumps installed along the river to serve the corporate farms that have overtaken the area. Monitors continue to track water usage.

Enbridge has plans to cross Line 3 under the Shell River in five locations. Most of the 5 billion gallons given to Enbridge by the DNR are coming out of the Crow Wing river basin, which includes the Shell.

With the Northern Lights Task Force being funded by Enbridge, local law enforcement have gone rogue, paid for by a foreign, multi-national corporation to protect the pipeline at the expense of the rights of the people and the river.

In Michigan, Gov. Whitmer invoked the Public Trust to evict Enbridge from operating from Line 5 under the Straits of Mackinac. Tell Gov Walz to do the same.

GOV WALZ Telephone:  651-201-3400
Toll Free:  800-657-3717

Come to the Shell City Campground Water Protector camp Sunday July 18 for a feast and ceremony. On Monday, the public will be evicting Enbridge from the Shell. Be prepared to get arrested. All are welcome and encouraged to come and support the treaties.

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