Mississippi River after Enbridge

August 9, 2021

Barbara With

In this photo shared by Nancy Beaulieu of RISE Coalition, the Mississippi is being traumatized by Enbridge’s work there. As they drill with horizontal directional drilling, they instigate what is called a “frack out,” wherein they hit the aquifer and the toxic chemicals they are using to drill leach into the water.

The DNR is not monitoring their work, nor at they holding them accountable for their damage. Water protectors have been camped out at Fire Light Camp hear Coffee Pot Landing and the La Salle Recreation area on the Mississippi to monitor and witness these occurrences.

Water walkers left Fire Light August 7th headed to the Minnesota State Capitol to implore someone to stop this insanity before it’s too late. Join in the welcome ceremonies and water protector rally on August 25 in St. Paul.

Please contact the Department of the Interior and raise your voice to protect the water.

Department of Interior

Mississippi River after Enbridge frack out. Photo: Nancy Beaulieu

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