Resources to follow Wisconsin Line 5 regulatory process

September 9, 2021

Midwest Environmental Advocates

Pipeline construction can impact water resources in a number of different ways, including the filling of wetlands, altering the course of rivers, and pollution from stormwater runoff at the construction site.

Midwest Environmental Advocates has partnered with Wisconsin’s Green Fire to create resources to help you understand how pipelines are regulated in Wisconsin and how to make your voice heard in the decision-making process. These are currently important issues for a number of Wisconsin communities, including those affected by Enbridge Energy’s proposal to construct a new segment of Line 5 in Ashland and Iron Counties.

Resources for Understanding Oil Pipeline Regulation

*NEW* Local Government Regulation of Oil Pipelines in Wisconsin

Impacts to Tribal Rights and Resources from Oil Pipeline Construction

Water Resource Permitting for Oil Pipeline Construction

Agency Permits & Approvals for Oil Pipeline Construction

Eminent Domain & Condemnation for Oil Pipeline Construction

The Environmental Review Process for Oil Pipeline Construction

Webinar: Oil Pipeline Regulations in Wisconsin
Oil pipelines in Wisconsin are subject to complex state and federal regulations. In this webinar recorded on April 23rd, Attorney Rob Lee with Midwest Environmental Advocates and Nancy Larson and Tom Jerow of Wisconsin’s Green Fire reviewed the different agencies with authority over pipeline construction and operation, and they will walk through different opportunities for members of the public to have their voices heard.

Watch the April 23rd Webinar:

The July 2016 flooding in northwest Wisconsin destroyed roads, bridges and culverts across the region, including this stretch of State Hwy. 169 at the Potato River in Iron County. This is where Enbridge proposes to build a replacement line for the current Line 5, which is operating illegally through the Bad River reservation. Photo: Wisconsin Emergency Management

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