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No Emergency Presently Exists

July 13, 2013  By Lisa Wells The Department of Administration held a public hearing on the emergency rule and proposed permanent rule to amend Chapter Adm 2 relating to Use of  State Buildings and Facilities.  You may submit your own comments, facts, opinions, and arguments to the DOA in writing as well.  Written comments may […]

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Walker Blames Top Employer in Ashland County for Lack of Jobs

by Todd and Dotty Richmond [EDITOR’S NOTE:  This is a open-source correction/continuation of a February 12, 2013, AP article written by Todd Richmond. While the AP may accept such a stenographic offering as even minimally adequate, Todd’s mother Dotty does not. Consequently, Dotty forced Todd to redo his homework assignment, this time getting the facts […]

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Capitol Crackdown gets a Smack Down

[EDITOR’S NOTE:  This is an open-source correction/continuation of a January 18, 2013, Department of Administration Press Release which shows Stephanie Marquis does not understand legal rulings or perhaps just selects and omits facts as she pleases. We are happy to report that she did not misspell “Huebsch” this time around, perhaps because he is not […]

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