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The State of Wisconsin

August 18, 2013  by Dr. Margaret Rozga [This poem was written by Dr. Margaret Rozga inspired by the current crackdown on political dissent in the Wisconsin State Capitol, where peaceful singers are being arrested for singing in the rotunda without a permit. Dr. Rozga has published two books: Two Hundred Nights and One Day and Though I Haven’t […]

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Letter to a Young Poet

July 21, 2013  by Rob Ganson My letter to a new friend, an amazing 13 year old poet. Dear Baby Girl, I’m sorry we couldn’t elect better leaders, that we let bottom feeders extract their cash from our mother’s womb with disregard for you. I’m sorry I let Monsanto poison your future and tar sands […]

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Singers on the Hill

July 19, 2013  By Rob Ganson They forsake the concrete cauldrons to sing… to bring the sky tidings of open eyes, hearts alive with the meat beat, the songs of life. It is not in the night sky to judge them, to strike at them with lightning or whirlwinds, not in the arms of their […]

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Anonymous Pens Ode to Resource Colonialism

February 22, 2012 by WCMC Tooth, Line and Sinker* by Anonymous What’s yours is mine, I think we know. Your water, ice, your land, your snow, Your mountains full of iron ore, So rich it makes my small heart sore. Pyrite, Schmyrite, I don’t care, We want it all, not just a share. Sulfuric acid […]

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