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Breitbart Blogger “Rebel Pundit” Supports the Walker/Fitz Recall, Thinks ALEC Members Should be Voted Out

While in Chicago covering the NATO protests I noticed a familiar face, who I have since learned is “Rebel Pundit” a blogger for breitbart.com, in a heated exchange talking with several nurses. I recognized him from a few events he had covered in Madison. There it seemed that his style was to get people he […]

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Proposed Mining Bill Proof That Republicans Are Not Smarter Than Wisconsin Fourth-Graders

February 17, 2012 by WCMC Madison, WI – When fourth grade students travel from across the state to take a tour of their State Capitol, they possess a basic knowledge that Republican legislators do not. As the following press release shows, not all rocks are the same. Some attract magnets while others do not. Yet […]

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Heartbeat of Red Cliff Band Arrested in Capitol

January 27, 2012 by Barbara With Sam Morris of the Red Cliff Band was arrested for drumming a prayer in the Wisconsin state capitol just after noon today. He was escorted out of the building by Capitol Police officers and was issued a $260 ticket for disorderly conduct. Tribal attorney Glenn Stoddard was nearby and attempted […]

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Menominee Elder Offers Blessing to Opponents

January 25, 2012 by Barbara With Rebecca Kemble and Orman Waukau share a warm embrace late in the evening of the public hearing on mining on January 11. Members of the Menominee tribe were kept waiting nine hours before they were allowed to testify. The hearing was held at the Hurley Inn, Hurley, Wisconsin — […]

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Grothman testimony: Lead Poisoning Bill (part 2)

  Part two of Glenn Grothman’s testimony at the 1/19/12 public hearing on SB 373 — a bill which would overturn a State Supreme Court decision that allows victims of lead poisoning to sue paint manufacturers. A group of citizens traveled from Milwaukee (accompanied by their children) to testify at the hearing. When it was […]

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Glenn Grothman testimony: Lead Poisoning Bill – SB 373 (part 1)

  As xoff posted on Uppity Wisconsin: “On exactly 24 hours notice, the State Senate Judiciary Committee has scheduled a hearing for Thursday, Jan. 19, only on SB-373, the bill that would overturn a State Supreme Court decision allowing the victims to sue paint manufacturers.” The bill was just introduced on Jan. 10, the day […]

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Wisconsin ALEC Republicans Caught Breaking Treaty Rights; Fitzgerald Announces Fatally Flawed Mining Bill Will Pass Anyway

January 13, 2012 by Barbara With On January 11, Rep. Mary Williams brought her Jobs, Economic and Small Business Committee to Hurley, WI to hear public testimony on the new mining bill. Although Williams denies association with the right-wing Koch-funded American Legislative Exchange Commission (ALEC), seven of the eight Republican legislators on the Jobs committee […]

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