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Protest Singers’ Noses Swell in Wake of Capitol Chief’s Comments

[EDITOR’S NOTE:  Thisis an open-source correction/continuation of Clay Barbour’s article published by WCMC since the WSJ couldn’t be bothered to fact check for him.  Think of  it as a little bit country,  a little bit rock-n-roll.] Protest singers’ numbers grow noses swell in wake of Capitol chief’s comments The ranks noses of participants of the […]

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Segway Jeremy Ryan Announces Candidacy for Assembly District 76

Segway Jeremy Ryan, Executive Director of Defending Wisconsin Political Action Committee has announced his candidacy for 76th Assembly District. Registered under the “Individual Party,” whose platform is “People Representing People,” Ryan hopes to begin a trend of clean campaigning. According to the new redistricting maps, Rep. Chris Taylor (D-Madison), who is currently serving the 48th […]

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