Segway Jeremy Ryan Announces Candidacy for Assembly District 76

Segway Jeremy Ryan, Executive Director of Defending Wisconsin Political Action Committee has announced his candidacy for 76th Assembly District. Registered under the “Individual Party,” whose platform is “People Representing People,” Ryan hopes to begin a trend of clean campaigning.

Segway Jeremy Ryan announces his run for Assembly District 76.

According to the new redistricting maps, Rep. Chris Taylor (D-Madison), who is currently serving the 48th District, will be running in the 76th for the first time. While Taylor has a term of experience behind her, Ryan has actively participated in the events at the capitol over the past year. He is perhaps best known for his challenging of Department of Administration’s unconstitutional rules prohibiting holding signs in the rotunda. Last Spring, Ryan racked up over 20 tickets for his persistent sign-holding, all of which were dismissed. Eventually, the DOA rule was revoked.

Speaking in front the of glass-enclosed constitution in the rotunda at the capitol, Ryan spoke of the need for candidates to commit to running clean and open campaigns by signing a Clean Funding Pledge. Candidates would agree not to accept over $100 from any one donor. In this way, Ryan hopes to balance the power that has been wielded by the Citizens United ruling, giving corporations the power of personhood. “If you don’t live and you don’t breathe, you can’t contribute.” Ryan continued, “Corporations and special interests do not represent the majority of the people. Period. Corporations have their own interests … it should only be individuals influencing candidates.”

Another issue important to Ryan is health care. He is suggesting that all legislators be put on Medicaid. “I’ve always said, put legislators on public benefits and see how quickly they change.”

Ryan stated that several “Special Sessions” have been called to rush non-emergency legislation through more quickly than would allow for citizens and even legislators a chance to examine and debate any of the bills. He also noted that in the 16 months since Republicans took control of the entire legislature and the governor’s office, the many Republican violations of Wisconsin’s Open Meetings law have denied citizens access to most functions of their government. For these reasons, Ryan believes that the entire body of legislation that has passed since Gov. Walker took office must be repealed.

“The process has been sidelined,” states Ryan. “Citizen’s weren’t even able to film public meetings. They weren’t allowed to petition the government. I think after the recalls, it will be clear that people want something different, and they won’t accept what happened in the past year and a half.”

Below Segway Jeremy Ryan challenging the unconstitutional Department of Administration rules prohibiting free speech in the capitol:

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  1. JC April 29, 2012 at 9:54 pm #

    If I lived in that district, you’d have my vote !

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