Walker “War Room” Now Officially Established in Milwaukee to “Defeat the Recall”

January 31, 2012 by Barbara With

Mary Pearson, Joe Weirzbicki, Donald La Combe and Ryan Gill, from Campaign to Defeat Obama, working out of their "secret" war room in Milwaukee. Are they the source of Operation Burn Unit?

Mary Pearson, Joe Weirzbicki, Donald La Combe and Ryan Gill, from Campaign to Defeat Obama, working out of their “secret” war room in Milwaukee. Are they the source of Operation Burn Unit?

BREAKING NEWS: The Campaign to Defeat Obama has officially sent the Save Scott Walker From Prison team on the red eye last night from Sacramento, California to set up their strategic “war room” somewhere in a Milwaukee Super 8 motel [see above photo]. According to their literature, their goal is to “defeat the recall” of hero Scott Walker: Consider these headlines alone: they are all about cheer-leading for the RECALL and attacking Gov. Walker and implying he’s done something wrong – when in fact he’s done absolutely nothing wrong, and has been one of the best leaders in America the past two years.

Apparently, the tea in “Cali” consists of, in part, Walker’s koolaid. Let’s give this rag-tag team of Tea Party patriots who came from out-of-state to save us from ourselves a chance to speak for themselves:

Mary Pearson, President. Back in March, when Fascist Scott Fitzgerald was breaking the open meeting laws by illegally trying to pass his collective bargaining-busting bill in the middle of the night, Mary was desperately working to save us from ourselves by writing about union thugs in her fundraising blog: “When their signature bongo drums and sickeningly hateful chants started I was dismayed to watch the hard working American workers standing unaware in unison with [moveon.org and Code Pink] and it was at that point that I knew exactly what we were facing!! … Please contribute $25, $50, $100, $500, $1,000 or more all the way up to the maximum allowed contribution of $5,000. We’re looking for 12 people to donate $500 or more by 10 PM tonight.” Apparently, our signature bongos were to become her financial gain.

Andrea Shea King, Vice-Chair. A former NASA employee and a resident of Florida where she writes for Florida Today and has a patriotic radio show, King’s blog, Because I Have So Many Words, today announced “our endorsement of Newt Gingrich for President. We are proud to join Herman Cain, Gov. Rick Perry … and many others who have recognized that in this race for president, Newt Gingrich is clearly the conservative choice who can defeat Barack Obama.” What greater comfort could there be than knowing Herman Cain AND Rick Perry are on your side? Especially when it’s the side of the man who wanted an open marriage so he could “legally” have extramarital sex?

Lloyd Marcus, official Defeat Obama songwriter. Marcus’ blog, Lloyd’s Life Lessons, lists him as a “proud unhyphenated American.” He claims to live in a “post-racial” America, proven when black football player Vernon Davis, with tears running down his face, ran over to his white coach, Jim Harbaugh and hugged him on national TV. I wonder what Lloyd would have said about seeing Rep. Mark Honadel (R-ALEC), the sponsor of the atrocious ALEC-inspired mining bill that will destroy the Bad River Tribe’s wild rice stands and sufficiently create genocide, remain seated and ignore Mike Wiggins Jr, tribal chief, as he entered the Assembly.  Nuf said.

This Team Walker has been sent to set up “war rooms” all across the state to help convince us that Walker did not commit the crimes he is about to be charged with. Is it any coincidence at all that as soon as they arrived, the notorious Operation Burn Unit was back up and running? Check out when the page was started.

Because of the two arrests last week in Walker’s John Doe investigation, we now know that the activity went far beyond Facebook. Investigators found boxes for two wireless routers in an armoire in Walker’s County Executive office. Packaging labels found with the boxes bore the name “Timothy Russell.”

Even worse, Walker himself is listed on the complaint. Read the entire sordid mess here.

Unfortunately for the Save Scott Walker From Prison action team, little can stop the train wreck about to take place for Walker. And as 1,000,000 of us union thugs, despicable hippies, and sickening hateful chanters signed petitions for his recall, it’s not a moment too soon.



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2 Comments on “Walker “War Room” Now Officially Established in Milwaukee to “Defeat the Recall””

  1. michael January 31, 2012 at 3:35 pm #

    Which super 8?

    • Barbara With January 31, 2012 at 10:52 pm #

      the one right in the middle of Crazy Town and Just Plain Dumb

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