Senator Bob Jauch (D-25) Responds to Recall Campaign Against Him

From Sen. Bob Jauch (D-25) on Shirl LaBarre filing recall papers against him:

“Today, Citizens for Responsible Government (an oxymoron) began recall effort against me and established a recall committee against Sen. Dale Schultz (R-17). Here is my statement:

Sen. Bob Jauch (D-25)

“Citizens for Responsible government is a Milwaukee fringe group that is more interested in political conquest than working for the common good. They helped Scott Walker win a recall election in Milwaukee and now they think they can spread their southeastern Wisconsin special interest money and extreme right-wing agenda to other parts of the state.

“They don’t care about jobs or responsible mining policy. The only contact they have had with my office has been harassing, costly and time-consuming open record requests. They just want to send a message that they will threaten to recall a public official who happens to dare to disagree with them.

“They don’t care about the north. They just want to make sure they own the politics and control the person who represents the north. They certainly don’t care about the truth.

“It is obvious that CRG doesn’t want good government. While the public yearns for bi-partisan cooperation, this extreme group seems to condemn it. Their decision to amend the statement to include a possible recall against Republican Senator Dale Schultz shows that they are resentful of the actions of lawmakers who work across party lines to develop shared ideas and shared solutions to tough problems.

“This special interest group has a right to initiate a recall petition effort but their intimidating tactics will not deter me in my efforts to work for responsible public policy and fight for the interests of the citizens I proudly serve.”

Sen. Jauch and Sen. Schultz hold a press conference prior to bringing their version of a mining bill before the Joint Finance Committee, March 5 (video: Lady Forward 1):

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2 Comments on “Senator Bob Jauch (D-25) Responds to Recall Campaign Against Him”

  1. Cynthia Cook March 21, 2012 at 11:42 am #

    Hey jauch………. get your facts correct… stop spreading false talking points!!!!

    Gov. Walker did not win a recall election in Milwaukee…. Guess if you think you are telling the truth you can show us the election results… More lies from your mouth… Stop misinforming people.


  1. Senator Jauch calls on Gov. Walker to convene bipartisan panel on mining bill; Responds to recall campaign against him | Defend Wisconsin - March 19, 2012

    […] Read more at the Northlands Newscenter and the Wisconsin Citizens Media Co-op […]

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