Capitol Police Prevent Possible Tragedy at Capitol Building

January 17, 2013   By Lisa Wells

[EDITOR’S NOTE:  This is an open-source correction/continuation of a January 16, 2013, Department of Administration Press Release. We also fixed the misspelling of “Huebsch” for Ms. Marquis. We at WCMC appreciate the Capitol Police’s role in ensuring public safety, but banners are not the same kind of safety hazard as molotov cocktails.]

Case not referred to Dane County District Attorney for Charges 

Yesterday On January 16th, Capitol Police protected hundreds of people in the state Capitol by apprehending and arresting Kvon Smith confiscating a banner from Bart Munger, who had stated has been ticketed for attending the Solidarity Sing Along and has a photo on his Facebook page that he was going to come to of himself at the Capitol to do harm holding a banner that says, “WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED.” Smith Mr. Munger was apprehended in the rotunda on the second floor of the East Wing, and he stated that he had a Molotov cocktail in his backpack the officer was stealing his banner.

Bart Munger holds the banner seized by Capitol Police as a safety hazard. Photo courtesy Lisa Wells.

Bart Munger holds the banner seized by Capitol Police as a safety hazard. Photo courtesy Lisa Wells.

Smith has been booked in the Dane County jail on the following tentative charges:

Four felony counts of possession of Molotov cocktails

One felony count of creating a bomb scare

One felony count of Second Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety

One misdemeanor of Disorderly Conduct

No charges are expected to be filed as the Department of Justice has dismissed the sign and banner holding charges the Capitol Police have previously issued.

“A tragedy was avoided and our Capitol remains safe because of the actions of our officers  yesterday,” said Secretary Mike Huebsch might say if  we attempted to contact him for comment. He also might thanks all the Capitol Police law enforcement from the Wisconsin State Patrol, Department of Natural Resources, DOJ  Department of Criminal Investigation, UW Madison, City of Milwaukee, and City of Madison for their assistance in yesterday’s events confiscating dangerous cloth banners.

Smith will The banner remains in police custody and the case has been turned over to the Dane County District Attorney for charges. The Dane County DA’s office will determine final charges and further action in the case.

Be sure to thank your local law enforcement today for protecting you from dangerous cloth banners.  For the safety of all, if you intend to carry a banner, please get a concealed carry permit.   Ideas, much like guns, are dangerous weapons.

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