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Will “Good Baby” Gruber’s testimony transcribed

July 13, 2013 On July 12, 2013, Will “Good Baby” Gruber evoked the jazz poetry of the Beat Generation at a public hearing on emergency rules at the Capitol. WCMC transcribed Will’s testimony because it’s just that awesome. Enjoy. yay good babies SWEEEET hi William Gruber I just got done with five charges they’re giving […]

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No Emergency Presently Exists

July 13, 2013  By Lisa Wells The Department of Administration held a public hearing on the emergency rule and proposed permanent rule to amend Chapter Adm 2 relating to Use of  State Buildings and Facilities.  You may submit your own comments, facts, opinions, and arguments to the DOA in writing as well.  Written comments may […]

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Observations from Kissick v. Huebsch Et. Al.

April 18, 2013  by Leslie Amsterdam It was an interesting day in Western Federal District Court in Madison on April 17 as University of Wisconsin-Madison Assistant Professor Michael Kissick and the ACLU of Wisconsin sought a temporary injunction against the Wisconsin Department of Administration and their State Facilities Access Policy, which mandates that groups of […]

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UPDATED: Jurors Not Allowed to Consider First Amendment in Political Dissent Case

January 17, 2013   By Rebecca Kemble Earlier today, Dane County Circuit Court Judge Julie Genovese approved the State of Wisconsin’s motion to prohibit Jason Huberty from giving instructions to a jury relating to the First Amendment. His case stems from an alleged administrative rule violation for  holding a banner that said “Solidarity” in the Capitol […]

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Capitol Police Prevent Possible Tragedy at Capitol Building

January 17, 2013   By Lisa Wells [EDITOR’S NOTE:  This is an open-source correction/continuation of a January 16, 2013, Department of Administration Press Release. We also fixed the misspelling of “Huebsch” for Ms. Marquis. We at WCMC appreciate the Capitol Police’s role in ensuring public safety, but banners are not the same kind of safety hazard as […]

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Fightin’ Bob La Follette Must Be Rolling in his Grave

October 31, 2012 By Rebecca Kemble Participants in the Solidarity Sing Along at the Wisconsin State Capitol are known for their creative song lyrics as well as their witty signs and banners. Today, on Halloween, they added masks and costumes to render their messages in defense of free speech and against the authoritarian rule of […]

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Walker Administration Targets Perceived Sing Along Leaders

By wcmcoop The Walker Administration’s crackdown on the Solidarity Sing Along is continuing through a steady flow of citations sent by certified mail. See this timeline for September’s citations. Capitol Police Chief Erwin’s strategy appears to be the targeting of citizens he has identified as “leaders.” Five of the seven tickets issued so far in October […]

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WCMC on the Air at 89.9 WORT FM

[Next week the Wisconsin Citizens Media Cooperative begins collaborating with WORT FM 89.9 by airing a weekly two-minute commentary for the Insurgent Radio Kiosk, which airs four times throughout the day. Here is the text of our first commentary. – Editors] Over the past year and a half people opposed to Scott Walker’s agenda for […]

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DoA Secretary Mike Huebsch Press Release (what he was really thinking)

[This is an anonymous open source correction of a press release issued on Friday September 21, 2012, from DoA Secretary Mike Huebsch to Representative Chris Taylor. Since Mike didn’t get her letter, and it was so hard for him to find it, the author of this correction decided to enter a transcendental state to channel what Mike […]

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