HELP WANTED: European Partners to Monitor Scott Walker

Know Your GuvFebruary 27, 2015  by WCMC

WCMC is looking for European partners to monitor Scott Walker during his upcoming trip to Germany, Spain, and France. We want to know where he goes, who he sees, and what he does, especially outside of publicity events staged for the US press. We particularly want to know who is in his entourage, which we can learn from photographs of his group arriving and leaving at airports, hotels, dinners, etc.

Walker, the current governor of Wisconsin, will be traveling in Europe April 12-20, with visits scheduled in Hannover, Germany, Bilbao, Spain, and Montpellier, France.

Stay tuned. WCMC will post updates to his schedule as we learn of them.

We also would like to be able to spread the word about Walker to European audiences. Now that he is considered a serious contender for the US presidency, he is your problem too. He is perhaps the most dangerous politician to have emerged from the xenophobic and theocratic ultra-right wing faction in the US. Click here for a primer on his track record. His election to the presidency would be a global disaster.

Please contact the Wisconsin Citizens Media Coop at

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One Comment on “HELP WANTED: European Partners to Monitor Scott Walker”

  1. Prawo Jazdy February 27, 2015 at 3:56 pm #

    Ideology-based fundamentalism of any sort is and always has been the most destructive force in human history. So why do we keep turning to these sorts as our leaders?

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