July 24: Line 5 Water Protectors Gathering

Bad River/Chequamagon Bay Watershed, Copper Falls State Park

Picnic, Walk and Water Activities

Saturday July 24th, 2021 ALL DAY

Sorta Schedule

Late morning, early afternoon as you come to Copper Falls State Park, stop at “The Bench” at the end of the Public Easement Conservancy Walkway and Bad River, north of Mellen just across the railroad tracks on Highway 169 going north.

The Bench

We may release something safe into the river (like oranges) at The Bench to time the flow until it arrives at Copper Falls. We can then know an approxiatemate time of a potential oil leak on the new Enbridge Line #5 easement.

In June, participants of our first paddle painted the forest at The Bench with large colorful ribbons and bows tied to the trees in the old growth forest destined to be removed for the new Line 5. Please bring your own colorful cloth ribbons to add to the painting of the forest easement. Let’s show the public the impact Line 5 will have on the formerly public-owned lands that Enbridge purchased at a record-breaking price of $4.25 million as part of their “We buy water and public policy (police and available Indians) in the US program.”

Trees that would be lost if Enbridge built Line 5

Because of water and river conditions and Red Granite Falls, we can’t paddle from The Bench to Copper Falls. We can, however, paddle on Loon Lake in Copper Falls Park. There will be group walks and/or tours of the NEW Line #5 easement now being built by the foreign corporation Enbridge.

After you check out The Bench, come meet, greet, and network with other water protectors and nature lovers at the Copper Falls picnic and parking area. The Bench and all property north continue to be county, state or conservancy lands open to the public.

Scheduled Indigenous-based Feast

Dinner will be served promptly some time after 4pm) with main course provided by Brian Yazzie, The Chef and his helpers. Locally sourced fish and wild game and other stuff to be announced or discovered on site. You are welcome to bring along other locally grown food to share, barter or trade as the gardens are putting out a lot of new food and medicine which can be shared.

Bring lots of water since the hot spell is due to continue into the foreseeable future and/or decade.

Most of all come visit: Stop Line #3, Stop Line #5, Stop Enbridge, Rights of Nature, Save the Penokees, “Not For Sale,” Oil and Water Don’t Mix—all lovers of clean pristine water are welcome. Bring your literature, vendor products, hand-outs, maps and historic knowledge of the area so we all understand what could be lost.

Bring your canoe, your kayak, your kids, your guitar, your drum, your hiking shoes, your humor and especially your honor, ethics and principles.

Copper Falls Park camping is filled on this date, but there are a lots of alternative camping options for those who want to stay. 1854 (GLIFWC) Treaty Citizens should get their treaty park waiver in place to enter the park at no cost. All others depending on age and capability will be charged some kind of one-day entry fee for their cars.

See you at Copper Falls State Park, north of Mellen, WI., on Saturday July 24th, 2021.

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