BREAKING NEWS: Enbridge frack out on the Mississippi is toxic

July 23, 2021

Indigenous Environmental Network

CALL the MPCA at 1-651-296-6300 and ask what they are doing about this:

MPCA Confirms ‘Frac Out’ Spill at Fire Light Camp Site Contains Hazardous,
Combustible Additive Plus Two Additional Spills

MPCA confirms that Enbridge has contaminated the Mississippi River at least three locations this week just outside Itasca State Park in the deep wetlands of the LaSalle Valley.

POLYSELECT POWERPAC™-L is 60-100% polysaccharide, ‘may form combustible dust concentrations in air,’ and presents a risk for ‘eye, skin, and respiratory irritation.’ ‘Prevent from entering sewers, waterways, or low areas.’ For clean up, materials are to be scooped up and removed.

Per a Senior Enbridge representative, there are two confirmed additional spills along the easement at the same site. The representative also stated that their drill is located 60 feet below the river.

Does this mean that the POLYSELECT POWER PAC™-L is also 60 feet below the river, in three confirmed spots, and has not been scooped up and removed?

CALL the MPCA at 1-651-296-6300 and demand answers. Ask if they are monitoring every crossing every day and all night. Demand they revoke the permits!

CALL GOV. WALZ at 651-201-3400. Leave the same message!

CALL LOCAL MEDIA! Tell them to get on this story!

EMAIL BIDEN! Repeat your message.

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