EDITORIAL: Has everyone gone insane? Check your mass formation

November 5, 2021

Barbara With

Below is an interview with Dr. Mattias Desmet, a Belgian professor of clinical psychology at Ghent University who holds a masters degree in statistics. Please listen.


After noticing some anomalies in the statistical analyses being conducted during the early pandemic, Desmet became concerned by the consensus narrative he was reading in the mainstream. In this interview, he suggests that a phenomenon of large-scale mass formation has risen from four psychological conditions that currently exist that are closing off human thinking.

Desmet postulates that people don’t necessarily act from an evil intent, but more a psychological process to survive these conditions that is 95% subconscious.

The four conditions that allow mass formation to emerge are:

1 Lack of social bond

According to a national survey in the American Sociological Review, 25% of people said they don’t have a single close friend. 75 million adults aged 18 to 27 comprising the millennials and Generation Z were lonelier than any other US demographic. It’s a psychological social media paradox: people are interacting together online with their avatars, but they aren’t their true selves. They don’t create the intimacy or vulnerability that comes from shared experience, thereby suffering from a crisis of lack of community.

2 People experience life as meaningless or senseless

In David Graeber’s book, Bullshit Jobs, when he asked whether people think their job is meaningful, 50% answered “not at all.” A Gallup poll from 2012 done with people in 142 countries revealed that 63% of respondents admitted to being so disengaged at work that they were sleepwalking through their day, putting time but not passion into their work.

3 Free-floating anxiety

Anxiety is generally connected to a tangible mental image, like being chased by a lion. But if people feel socially isolated and that their life has no meaning, their anxiety isn’t connected to a mental representation. This free-floating anxiety is creating a deep psychological discontent. In Belgium alone, 300 million doses of anti-depressants, anti-psychotics and sleeping pills are used each year in a population of 11 million. A study from the World Health Organization says that one in five people—over 300 million—actually have anxiety disorders. They not only have anxiety, but qualify as having disorders.

4 Free-floating frustration and aggression

People feel frustrated and aggressive without really knowing the cause of their annoyance and anger.

Mob Psychology

When these four conditions are fulfilled, if a narrative is distributed through the mass media identifying an Object of the anxiety and providing a strategy to deal with that Object, mass formation can thrive. All the free-floating anxiety and anger, now turning into panic, becomes attached to the Object. Sudden connection through this heroic struggle together against the Object creates a new solidarity, a social bond that has been lacking, which in turn, creates meaning. People then feel that they can control their psychological discontent by participating in the strategy, even if it’s utterly absurd.

Participation in the strategy has nothing to do with facts; it’s to preserve this new social bond created by fighting together to defeat the Object of their collective anxiety.

By obeying the strategy, people can go from a very negative, isolated state to the polar opposite—a state of maximum connectedness. That creates a kind of mental intoxication that makes people willing to go along with anything, even if it is utterly wrong and illogical, or if they stand to lose everything that is important to them personally. They parrot the corporate narrative and adopt the same authoritarian, shaming language they hear from their leaders.

This is the summation of hypnosis. With hypnosis, attention is focused on a small part of reality narrated by the hypnotist. Just like hypnosis, people absorbed in mass formation are not aware of what’s happening outside the small focus of attention that the corporate media narrative provides.

Liberal Subsumption

If you’ve read any of my work, you know I believe corporations control both parties. I refer to it as “corporate fascism” and urge people on both sides to stop fighting as if your party is the “good” one and the other is the “bad” one. They are both in on it. Today the Democrats happen to be at the helm of authoritarianism, driving us into totalitarianism, and my well-meaning, left-leaning friends are urging them on.

In 2015, mainstream media began creating a culture ripe for liberal mass formation. Corporate press began blasting the narrative that Donald Trump was the Object of their free-floating anxiety. He was given $4.96 billion in free airtime in the year leading up to the election. The strategy was to ignore the Democrat’s own election fraud, manufacture a story about Russian election interference, and move towards the suppression of the Object through censorship and calumny. They would not even speak his name; he became “45.”

I started breaking through my own hypnosis in 2016, after five years of investigating the Scott Walker regime and how terrible the press was during the corporate takeover of Wisconsin in 2011. Back then, in my world, Democrats were the good guys and Republicans were the bad guys. Along came the Democratic primary, and I started investigating Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Sanders’ record aligned with the party platform, which included clean water and campaign finance reform. Her record on water was not just atrocious, but deadly. Her Hillary Victory Fund proved to be money laundering. She was taking millions in dark money. But none of the Clinton Democrats wanted to hear it. Her supporters shamed anyone who disagreed or tried to hold her accountable.

Nevada State Patrol guarding the pro-Hillary team at the 2016 Nevada Caucus.

It became clear to progressive Democrats that they had to leave the party in order not to support corporate fascism.

It was only through questioning my own party that I was finally able to free myself from the illusion that Democrats were the good guys. I saw how they are all in on it. It’s a big party and we ain’t in it.

When Trump became president, Trump Derangement Syndrome descended like a brain fog on all my well-meaning democratic friends. Now every bad thing that ever happened to this country started with Trump. Dem fanatics vehemently blamed anyone who dared not vote for Clinton for her loss. A plethora of Russiangate propaganda proliferated and the conversation about abandoning the people and the platform could not be had. Anyone challenging them were “Putin puppets.”

As my friends proclaimed Trump a “dictator,” I tried to get them to see the bigger picture: both parties are in on it! But they couldn’t acknowledge that Obama did many of the same things for which they condemned Trump. I argued with an old friend who would not believe that Obama stacked his cabinet with Wall Street. Even an oped written by Elizabeth Warren wouldn’t convince her to look deeper. She just stopped speaking to me.

Others called me a “deplorable” when I expected them to hold their party accountable. Nothing would open their minds to even discuss it. They cheered when Trump got thrown off Twitter, as if free speech was suddenly something we should give up to help them feel safer from themselves.

Smells like mass formation.


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9 Comments on “EDITORIAL: Has everyone gone insane? Check your mass formation”

  1. David Groh November 8, 2021 at 9:23 am #

    Did I miss it or does this not have a plan to attack the “both parties are to blame” thinking? It the answer is to vote 3rd party forget it, I am not throwing away my vote for years in hopes of another party coming along that will not just become a third entity to blame.
    I say we give greater power to the Democratic party and push them to do what is right and see how it works out. The Democratic party pushes for issues that favor the common person and they will listen to the voters. We can work with them. We can make Democrats understand that we will elect them when they do what we want.

    • Barbara With November 8, 2021 at 10:36 am #

      David, I am not making any suggestions on what you do politically. I am asking people to stop marching lock step as if the Dems are always the “good guys.” I support your right to do whatever you feel called to do in terms of politics. But you know and I know that holding them accountable has been impossible. How, I ask, do we “hold them accountable?”

      What I am asking is, in the health crisis we are now facing, concerning our civil and human rights, that liberals see how their party is leading the charge for proposing mandates that will do incredible damage to society, people and rights. As a Dem, if you want to accomplish what you are suggesting above, then it is your duty to stand up and challenge their deviation from their claimed support of civil rights. Do not support mandates and don’t speak about people who decide not to get the jab in any way other than having respect for their right to choose. Support their right to choose in the same way you support abortion right.

      If you can’t understand why people are up in arms about this liberal policy (that we were lied about by Biden BTW), deviate from your sources and find out why people object instead of just buying the liberal media line that everyone who is not vaccinated is a Trumpster.

      • Ronald Stockton December 27, 2021 at 4:49 pm #

        Refusing to get vaccinated does not deserve the respect one gives to a woman who chooses to get or chooses not to get an abortion. Her decision affects her body. The unvaccinated are a danger to every body the come in contact with. Apples and oranges. You can respect the person while showing disrespect for a position that is selfish and irresponsible.

        I do agree, however, that Democrats and Republicans are the same wolves in different sheep’s clothing.

      • Barbara With December 27, 2021 at 4:57 pm #

        Same argument the Republicans give for being anti-choice: It’s not your body. Sorry. Either it’s “my body my choice” or it’s not.

  2. silentsister1 January 9, 2022 at 12:17 pm #

    Excellent article! I have intuited this since I was a child. That I live in an insane asylum.
    See, the thing about MFP is that a person will not realize it’s happening unless said person is really in touch with self, including a high Emotional I.Q.
    I see the comments here, and it’s still “my opinion” vs….. and people are very aggressive about their own opinions, right or not.
    As Desmet stated, “95% is subconscious.”
    I would suggest doing some serious history lessons -not just about wars, religion, or politics, but add some critical thought as to what behind those his-stories created them?
    Yep- another half-breed humanoid with psychological defects just like each one of us today. The trick is getting people to follow the clinically insane leader and stop thinking and feeling for self.

  3. jakee308 January 10, 2022 at 4:55 pm #

    We’re fast approaching a time when we will cross a line that we won’t be able to recover from. Given the amount of casual comments about how the unvaxxed need to be punished in some way for their selfishness, I am very afraid. How is being unvaxxed being selfish? Those who are vaxxed can get the virus and infect others at about the same rate as the unvaxxed. The vaxxed could possibly be incubated more virus to pass on than unvaxxed are. Why should someone take a vaccine that is only a few months of “protection” and then they can get the virus anyway when there are side effects that are just as hazardous as the virus itself. Why do the increases of infected show up the most where the most have been vaccinated? And even if the unvaxxed are being selfish, what difference does it make as the vaxxed are protected from infection by the unvaxxed. We are never going to reach a point where the virus will disappear. The best we can hope for is that the virus becomes weaker so that not so many die or get very ill from it. And that will only happen as more people get the virus and fight it off with their immune system. An immune system by the way which is weakened by the vaxx. There are many questions but punishing the unvaxxed will not answer any of them nor will it make the virus any weaker.
    Healthy young athletes are collapsing on the playing field or tennis courts and all of them can be traced back to a recent vaxx or booster. Children are dying from heart attacks immediately or soon after a vaxx or booster. People need to be held accountable that actually are responsible. It’s not the unvaxxed who have lied to everyone and said their vaccine works and is safe. There will be a terrible day coming if we don’t back up from our current mindset. This is how the Hutus massacred the Tutsis and killed millions in a few days. By being lied to and believing that killing the Tutsis would make things better again.
    Killing or imprisoning the unvaxxed won’t make things better. Unless we’re dead we’ll still be here and if you kill us then you will have to live with that forever.

  4. Jake January 14, 2022 at 10:48 pm #

    There’s several leaps in logic made here.

    For one, you go from talking about people feeling lonely because they don’t have friends, then casually somehow link that to social media connectivity. Furthermore, you just assume these types of social connections aren’t intimate or lack vulnerability, and you essentially suggest they’re not valid “shared experiences”. While there’s a lot to be said about the age of loneliness in our current society, your first point is just entirely unconvincing to your bigger point at large.

    Second, there’s quite a big difference between finding your -job- meaningless and your life meaningless. And either aren’t going to be adequately quantified with a poll. While an increasingly corporate society IS demanding more and more hours committed to work than life, your second point is far too barebones to adequately illustrate what you’re really trying to say.

    Third, you’re really, really, over-simplifying the issues and causes of anxiety in individuals and its place in society. Furthermore, the factuality and truthiness of bulletpoints 3 and 4 are entirely dependent on the premises of your last 2 points being true, but they’re shakey at best. People feeling socially isolated and angry are very real things, but you just casually attribute these malaise as factors into your arguments about “mass formation”, without having done any of the work to link those subjects. You’ve merely just provided links to a definition and some polls.

    Fourth, I’m trying to assume good faith, but it’s hard when all the signifiers of bad faith are just ever-so present in your editorial. For one, I find it odd that you speak about being disillusioned with both political parties, but your focus is pretty much entirely on Democrats and Hilary Clinton, while also propping up a lot of whataboutisms about Trump. Of course powerful political parties aren’t going to have your best interest in mind, but you don’t seem sincere in that belief.

    Lastly, I find it absolutely absurd and laughable to refer to vaccine mandates as “authoritarian”. I suggest you spend time in real authoritarian societies and see how silly that point is. It’s also bizarre you ignore the very dangers of something you’re proclaiming is wrong; this disease has killed A LOT of people. But that is entirely absent in your post? And, springboarding off my last post, if you’re so concerned with authoritarianism, why leave Trump out of this? A guy who wants to squash any negative mentions about him? A guy who praises protestors being attacked? A guy who wants to shut borders? A guy who sought to transperantly overthrow the will of the peoples’ vote?

    • Barbara With January 15, 2022 at 1:44 pm #

      Hi Jake, first, did you listen to Dr. Desmet? He is describing the phenomenon which I am relaying to you. It is indeed oversimplified on the text, because I was pulling it out of a much deeper conversation in the video. We can choose to disagree on those four points but the video goes into all this much further.

      My disillusionment is with both parties, that is for sure. It started out with the Republicans being the only ones who were corporate fascists. I was a tried and true Wellstone Dem. My awareness rose when I stopped looking at the Dems as the “good guys” after they rigged the 2016 primary. But personally, so very much has been said to demonize Trump that I generally don’t feel a need to pile on him anymore than most of mainstream media has done. I am quite sincere in that they all suck. Trump, as big a dick as he is, has been unfairly blamed for being the only “tyrant” in the house, when Obama’s illusionary legacy makes him out to be the greatest president alive. Perhaps that is why I lean a little more to dismantling the dem narrative. The Trump narrative is already pretty awful. For good reason. But the propaganda about him reached absurd levels, wherein literally every bad thing that ever happened to American was his fault. Perhaps that is what you are sensing.

      YOU can find it laughable to think of mandates as authoritarian. That surely is your right. But there is a good probably half the country that disagrees with you. For those of us who see the totalitarian nature of it, it’s quite clear. Because yes all those people have died and over 20,000 have also died of the vaccines (back in the swine flu days, 25 people die and they pulled the drug). If you take even a tiny dive past what you think you know, and read those who have been censored (authoritarian action right there), you find out there was early treatment. The new emails being published from Fauci and crew suppressing not only that it was a lab leak from gain of function, which Fauci had a hand, as well as that they were suppressing early treatment that is now coming to light, you find all those deaths quite likely could have been avoided had doctors been able to do their jobs early on instead of being fired, censored and taken to task for using off-purpose drugs to successfully save many more.

      Those who lost their jobs because they would not agree to put an experimental drug into them, especially health care workers who put their own lives on the line before there were vaccines, would probably also disagree about the authoritarian part. When the government thinks it can enter a doctors office and demand anyone take an experimental drug that they would not agree to, especially after all the censorship, the VAERS info (Eric Clapton is permanently disabled because of his vaccination), sorry, that’s the very definition of authoritarian. Think about it this way: what if the next drug is one YOU did not feel was worth the risk for you, considering your own health factors, but Uncle Sam–Biden or Trump–was going to force you?

      My suggestion is to dive a little deeper into what you think you know. Or don’t. But the uprising around the world around the forced vaccinations should be an inspiration. Again, or not. All the best. Barbara

    • Barbara With January 15, 2022 at 3:21 pm #

      And don’t think I am saying I think mass formation started because of Trump. I actually think it was purposefully concocted years ago and has not stopped since. It’s just escalated to insane proportions. Truly how the German society was able to do what they did, super sized.

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