Enbridge to Host Reception on Mackinac Island for Elected Officials

May 26, 2022

Oil & Water Don't Mix

Next week, the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce will conduct its policy conference on Mackinac Island. Enbridge will host a reception there on Tuesday evening with many of Michigan’s Congressional representatives and both Senators as special guests.

Enbridge Oil-Soaked Event

So at the Grand Hotel, many of the people sent to Congress to represent you and I will be special guests at an event sponsored by the largest water polluter in Michigan history. The same company operates an outdated and dangerous pipeline through the Straits of Mackinac without an easement and in violation of Governor Whitmer’s orders. Today, take action by emailing our representatives. Ask them to back out of this event.


It costs $3,400 per person, not including meals and lodging, to attend this annual conference, making it a fine opportunity for corporate lobbyists to get face time with our elected officials since most Michiganders are priced out of attending.

Our elected officials should not be guests at ritzy events that are only accessible to corporate lobbyists. They surely shouldn’t be lending their names to events that give Enbridge a veneer of legitimacy while it ignores our laws and keeps 21% of the world’s fresh surface water at risk for its profits.

Please join us in taking action today!

For our Great Lakes,

Sean McBrearty
OWDM Coordinator

Oil & Water Don’t Mix

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