Treaty/Water Protectors Begin Walk from Superior to Ashland

June 12, 2022

Treaty/water protectors left Superior on June 11, headed for Ashland, Wisconsin by June 25th to meet up with the Communities United by Water celebration taking place on that day.

Led by indigenous women from Miskwaagamiiwi-Zaagaiganing (Red Lake) and Gaa-waabaabiganikaag (White Earth) in Minnesota, and Basaabikaang (Red Cliff) and Mashkiiziibii (Bad River) in Wisconsin, the walkers are accompanied by allies. To join up at any point with walkers or offer support, call the Treaty Walkers. Ashley: 952-923-7334.

Walt Bresette, Basaabikaang native active in promoting environmental, treaty rights and human rights issues until his death in 1999 once wrote:

We ally not because we are “alike” nor to remake each other or to force compromise or correct tactics.

We ally to affirm each other’s strengths and to call up that which we need but don’t have ourselves.

If we are to build even stronger alliances for our common good, we must accommodate and encourage our personal and cultural differences, while tolerating our natural weaknesses, and thereby solidify our political partnerships.

“The St Louis Estuary-point of entry to the Port of Superior. Cool winds shifted off Lake Superior creating a magical mist above the waters. Eagles in trees, sandhill cranes above and red wing black birds calling us all to the waters edge. As we walked voices rose singing ‘Down To The River to Pray.'”

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