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Don’t Spoil Your Ballot

I just voted in Madison, and even though there were clear instructions about this posted in the voting booth itself, the ballot was still a little visually confusing. If you are not voting in a senate recall race, you may cast TWO votes – one for Governor and one for Lt. Governor. If you are […]

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Tanya Lohr Challenges Glenn Grothman

[Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) has been at the forefront of the War on Women. From calling single mothers child abusers to stating that money is more important to men than to women, Grothman has thrown down the gauntlet in a challenge to the dignity and equal rights of women. Tanya Lohr has […]

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Meet Shirl LaBarre, Failed Tea Party Candidate And Head of Recall Jauch

Shirl LaBarre, three-time failed Tea Party candidate from Hayward, WI, filed recall papers for Sen. Bob Jauch (D-Poplar) this morning at the Government Accountability Board Office in Madison, WI. A press release issued on right-wing talk show host Vicki McKenna’s blog states that Citizens for Responsible Government Network (CRG) affiliate CRG Northland will amend its […]

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Papers Filed to Recall Jauch, Exploratory Committee Started to Recall Schultz

On Monday, March 19, Shirl LaBarre of Hayward, WI and Dan Curran of Dodgeville, WI filed recall papers against Senator Bob Jauch (D-Poplar) and started an exploratory committee for the recall of Senator Dale Schultz (R-Richland Center). In the statement of intent on the Jauch recall papers, LaBarre wrote: “Senator Jauch voted against a Mining […]

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Senator Bob Jauch (D-25) Responds to Recall Campaign Against Him

From Sen. Bob Jauch (D-25) on Shirl LaBarre filing recall papers against him: “Today, Citizens for Responsible Government (an oxymoron) began recall effort against me and established a recall committee against Sen. Dale Schultz (R-17). Here is my statement: “Citizens for Responsible government is a Milwaukee fringe group that is more interested in political conquest […]

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